My About Page

I love who I am as a person. I am this determined, smart, funny, outgoing, and spiritual person. I am from Charlotte, NC and have one sister. I feel very connected to spirituality especially in nature and contemporary Christian music. The biggest reason why I love to hike is that it is one of the best ways I connect to God. I feel as if I am growing closer to God when I am hiking because the time you get to the top, you can just look out and are thinking about creation. In Christian music, whenever I am singing, I can just feel my Holy Spirit being filled up. I  am massive fan of musicals. Musicals are very personal to me because of my strong relationship to them. I never imagined musicals to be as big as they are today.

They just started as a basic interest and the love was sparked through Wicked and just one day they turned into a passion because of my love of Les Mis. The thing I love the most about musicals is how they combine different arts to form one story and the emotional impact they provide. I really love the joy and excitement that surrounds them through dance, spectacle, and song. Through both Christian music and musicals, I truly understand the power of music. This blog shows just how passionate I am about musicals.