Insight into Eponine

When I discovered this blog post, I decided to share it my blog because it is a wonderful insight into Eponine, a tragic heroine, who falls in love with Marius unrequitedly. She is the daughter of the Thenardiers, who treat her terribly and raise her to be a criminal, but she does not want to be like them. Instead of being loyal to her family, she decided to be loyal to Marius instead. I have this growing love for the character and have no idea why. Eponine’s story is so heartbreaking because she has to face abuse and extreme poverty. On top of that, she is dealing with unrequited love for Marius, but it is the love for him that keeps her going. I really love the songs “On My Own” and “A Little Fall of Rain”, which are two of her songs.

This link above is my analysis of Eponine.

An Entertaining Idea

**SPOILER ALERT! – If you have not read the novel, seen the film or know the stage production of Les Miserables and do not wish to know what happens then please do not read on.**

IMG_5392 Design inspired by the character of “Eponine”

My first introduction to Les Miserables occurred while watching a beauty pageant on television.  During the late 80s, early 90s, Les Miswas one of 3 shows that everyone talked about – Cats and Phantom of the Opera being the other two.  But if you didn’t sing soprano and were anywhere near the age of 18 then it was more likely you’d gravitate to Les Mis, and the strong-willed character of Eponine.

I heard “On My Own” while watching said beauty pageant.  Not knowing much of anything about the storyline I asked my older sister to explain it to me.  As she relayed the story and I…

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