The Servant Song Meaning

Wow! There are so many songs to choose from. Multiple songs have some kind of meaning to me.

One important song is “The Servant Song”. I first heard it in elementary school at Kanuga, an Episcopalian Conference Center. Whenever I listen to it, memories of Kanuga come back to me. From third grade all the way to eighth grade, we had the same person lead the music and usually the Servant Song was one of the songs we would sing. It was one of the first Christian songs I ever heard and fell in love with.

But now the song has double meaning. Not only does it remind me of Kanuga, it also reminds me of the Bristol Pilgrimage. One of the things that my family did in Bristol was visit St. Mary Redcliffe, a beautiful church located in Bristol. There was a moment where I thought of some lyrics from the song and it reminded me of the pilgrimage.

The lyrics in the photo below ended up becoming the motto of the trip. The fellowship was the best part of the pilgrimage. All seventy-two of us were pilgrims on a spiritual journey exploring many sacred places like Stonehenge, Tintern Abbey, and Old Sarum. We traveled to many places like Chepstow, Salisbury, and Bath. We ended up helping each other throughout the trip and formed a close bond. So those lyrics perfectly fit how transforming the trip was.


One special part to note about the pilgrimage is the number of church services that we attended. We attended two Eucharist services and eight Evensong services. Two of those church services were in London. Our two London services were Eucharist at St. Paul’s Cathedral and Evensong at WestMinster. There was one Evensong service at Salisbury Cathedral. The rest of the services were at Bristol Cathedral. It was at the final Evensong where I truly realized just how transforming the trip was.

The fact that this song has a double meaning makes this song extra special to me. I love how one song can have more then one memory attached to it. I am so glad I love Christian music the way I do. It helps strengthen my relationship with God.


4 thoughts on “The Servant Song Meaning

  1. I love Christian music too…other genres also. I also blogged a Christian song for this challenge. I found the song Revelation Song on Youtube sung in many different languages. My own choice touched my heart today…thanks for this post about good music.


    • Every Tuesday night, my college has a student-led worship service and singing those contemporary Christian songs help develop and strengthen my relationship with God

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