“A Little Fall of Rain” Analysis

Major Spoilers:

“A Little Fall of Rain” is a bittersweet duet between Eponine and Marius at the barricades. The thing you need to understand about Eponine is that she lives in extreme poverty, suffers from abuse and neglect from her parents and has an unrequited love for Marius. I have a growing love for Eponine even though I don’t know why, but I do know some reasons why I love this character.

In the stage show, she disguises herself as a boy to join Marius at the barricades. Marius noticing that she is there asks her to deliver a letter to Cosette and he is still oblivious to Eponine’s feelings for him. The main reason why he asked her to deliver the letter is because he was trying to protect her.

But Eponine still returns to the barricades even though both Marius and Jean Valjean told her not to. As she is climbing over the barricade, she is shot, but unfortunately her wound is fatal. Even though Eponine knows that her wound is fatal, she still climbs down the barricade to get to Marius. Marius, not knowing she is fatally wounded, asks her why she has come back and if she saw Cosette. That might sound like Marius is treating her unfairly, but let’s not forget that in this scene, Eponine was hiding her wound from Marius. Marius soon found out that Eponine is fatally wounded after she collapsed in this arms.


This is where this song occurs in the musical. Even though Marius is devastated, he still stays with Eponine till she dies. Eponine is happy for once in her life even though she is dying. Her love for Marius is still unrequited, but because she is dying in his arms, she finds some sense of happiness for once in her short, dark, and miserable life. Marius was able to show Eponine compassion and she learned that she did mean something to him. Marius truly was aware of how unhappy she was even though he didn’t know she loved him. Marius did care about her and was the only person in Eponine’s life to treat her kindly.

In my opinion, this is the best death scene in the musical. I find the song to be very beautiful. There is just something about this song that makes it so moving and touching. You see Marius holding Eponine in his arms while she dies and giving her peace and comfort. He is capable of showing compassion to Eponine and he is giving her happiness. It is such a bittersweet song because it is heartbreaking that Eponine is dying, but at the same time, you feel happy for Eponine because she is in the arms of the man she loves.


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