Importance of Christ in Our Lives

Happy Easter!

Well, today is Easter and I thought it would be fitting to have an Easter-related post. Well, Easter is all about Christ’s resurrection and we need Christ in our lives. He helps gets through dark times of our lives. He helps us thrive through hardship and for He helps me thrive in college. He teaches us the importance of compassion, love, and forgiveness. We need Him in our lives. Life isn’t easy and He helps us survive even when things are rough. Christ did a lot for us and died to save us from our sins. Without Christ, I don’t know where I would be right now. His love for us is incredible and without Him, the world would be even darker and a scarier place to live.


6 thoughts on “Importance of Christ in Our Lives

    • Easter has more meaning now compared to my younger years. This Easter, been to both Maundy Thursday Service and Easter Vigil and going to both and Easter Service gives a better understanding of the meaning of Easter


      • Definitely! That sounds great! Holy Week is always a pretty busy week for me and my family because we’ve got two additional services to attend but I always think they’re well worth it!


      • I did. My mom and I made homemade Angel Food Cake. Holy Week wasn’t when I saw the most church services. On that Bristol Pilgrimage, there were 10 of them


      • It actually is a lot of services. One was at Westminster during Evensong and one was at St. Paul’s Cathedral for Eucharist: those two being the London ones. One was Evensong at Sailsbury Cathedral. The others were spent at Bristol Cathedral (one eucharist and the rest Evensong).

        Honestly did not think I would enjoy going to that many church services in one trip. The last service was the very best service we did and during the Anthem, I actually cried. That reaction showed just how transformation the entire pilgrimage was (when I mean pilgrimage only talking about everything the group did, not the two extra days). On the pilgrimage, the best part was the fellowship found among all 72 pilgrims, but not the best part of the entire trip


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