Bond between Wicked and Les Mis

Recently, two posters got hung above my bed. They happened to be posters of Wicked and Les Mis. I did have a Wicked poster above my bed once, but it wasn’t properly framed and was sliding out and my Les Mis poster was still covered up and waiting to be up on that wall. What exactly is the bond that these two musicals share? On that wall, we were talking about hanging up two more musical posters. Only meaningful musicals deserve to be up on that wall. Wicked and Les Mis are two very special musicals that have changed me for good.


Les Mis and Wicked are my top two favorite musicals, but they really are tied. But how can two severely different musicals be tied? The stories found in how I fell in love with these musicals are incredible and the memories I made with them.

My journey with Wicked started at the Gershwin Theatre in New York with my mom and little did I know that Wicked would spark my love for musicals. Wicked carries my vision for musicals and I developed a very personal relationship with Elphaba and emotionally connected to Glinda and Fiyero as well. Elphaba is smart, determined, talkative, courageous, big-hearted, and believes in equality and staying true to herself.

Glinda is Elphaba’s best friend and Glinda and Elphaba both fall in love with Fiyero, which creates a very complex love triangle. The story centers around the friendship found between Glinda and Elphaba. Wicked has everything a musical could possibly have: spectacle, dance, comedy, strong emotional connection, and positive and negative emotions. I felt like nothing could possibly tie with Wicked because it has everything I want in a musical and because of my personal bond with Elphaba and she is a character I really could relate to.

How many times have I seen Wicked? There is Broadway and three times on tour. The one time I saw it with dad, he gave me the better seat when the tallest guy in the auditorium sat in front of me. Last year, I saw it with my school. Each time I see Wicked, I feel more and more emotionally connected and more vulnerable and become a bigger fan. The picture below comes from the time I saw it with my school.


Enter Les Mis. Les Mis was a musical that would take me by surprise. It is a musical that I would fall in love with through the movie. I saw the movie December of 2012 and my first try, I did not know how to handle it because I did not know how to respond to it being a tragedy because I thought all musicals were happy. I did not know if I liked it or not. Even though I did not know if I liked it, I still started researching the musical and decided to give the movie a second chance.

When I saw the movie a second time, I knew there was something special about this tragic tale. Not only did Les MIs teach me that tragic musicals exist, it also taught me that heartbreak is a musical emotion.

I later realized it has this underlying spirituality due to it being a tale of hope, love, forgiveness, hope, sacrifice, humanity, and redemption. Home to characters like ex-convict angered turned compassionate Jean Valjean, obsessed and strict Javert, prostitute and loving Fantine, innocent and youthful Cossette, revolutionary and romantic Marius, brave and loyal Eponine, passionate and heroic Enjolras, and the selfish and greedy Thenardiers. This musical is all about humanity if I could describe it in one word.

In 2013, I saw the stage production at community college and in 2015, I saw the stage production in London. I feel like it was special seeing Les Mis in London with my mom. In so many ways, it made my first trip to Broadway with my mom come full circle.

Les Mis holds most of my vision for musicals, but not all of it. Like Wicked, it has a strong emotional connection, a score with positive and negative emotions, and comic moments, but the one thing it is missing is dance. How can these two musicals be tied with each other?

That is something that is hard to understand, but they are. In many ways I say Les Mis is better because I am obsessed with it and my emotional impact is greater, but than again, its emotional impact is supposed to be more intense than Wicked’s. Wicked is supposed to transport you to a magical place and I do approach the show from the point of view of a 12 year old even though I feel the emotions deeper than how a 12 year old would feel. Both have their strengths and that is why both are tied and both have their memories. Wicked after all was the first show I ever saw on Broadway and it sparked my love for musicals while Les Mis turned my love of musicals into a passion.

I know why I love both of these musicals, but it is hard to pinpoint why they are tied for best musical.

What would you top two favorite musicals be? Have you have seen a musical in a place as big as Broadway or the West End?

29 thoughts on “Bond between Wicked and Les Mis

    • I find it interesting that I saw Wicked on Broadway and Les Mis on the West End and that both were dates with my mom. I don’t remember this fact, but mom said that when I saw Wicked on Broadway, I was six rows back from the stage. That was fascinating because when I saw Les Mis in London, I saw nine rows back from the stage at the Queens Theatre.

      It is just I am constantly asked which is better, Les Mis or Wicked?

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      • I honestly totally fall for Wicked and as Danuta and I are best friends we were kinda totally touched in a positive way. I still look up the songs and just love the idea of friendship fun and lessons in a musical. We come from Vienna and watching musicals somewhere together meant a lot. I think Wicked kind of bonded us even more. I loved Le Miserable too, but it doesn’t triggers the same great feelings and constant interest in the songs.


      • Wicked is very special to me because I have loved it for 11 years now so it has been with me for like forever. It has everything I just want in a musical. I saw it on Broadway and eventually I saw it with Gardner Webb, my fourth time I saw it and that was a school that has changed me for the better

        It is just with Les Mis it challenged everything I once knew about musicals. It made me look at musicals in a fresh light. I am quite passionate about it and I think about it more often. I talk about it often so it deserves the top spot like Wicked deserves the top spot.

        So the two have been quite impactful.

        So, I say Wicked is my favorite musical comedy for now.

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    • I saw the musical of Wicked before reading the book and I honestly did not even like the book. I love Phantom of the Opera as well and I never have seen Miss Saigon

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    • I know. It is amazing when those musicals entered my life. Wicked entered my life when I was only 12 back in 2006 so that musical was been with me for quite a while. Les Mis my journey began in 2012 with the movie, but I became a true fan in 2013 when I gave the movie a second chance

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      • I fell in love with musicals in 2012 when I was in my first show. Nothing like the rush of performing! Great post and hope musicals continue to stay in your life!


      • I first saw them in elementary school and only enjoyed them, but Wicked was key to falling love with them, but Les Mis turned that love into a passion.

        Some people don’t understand why I love musicals as much as I do. Musicals are special and are unique in their storytelling. They know how to convey emotion in such a way that makes you care about the characters and their journeys

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      • Describing the emotional side of musicals is so complicated and trying to describe their journey is really hard as well

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    • West Side Story is a musical that is not in my top ten favorite musicals. All I saw of it is the movie and something felt off. But was liked enough to get the songs. But I want to see the stage show to see if the dance fares better and to see if the show is better live.

      There is a big gap between where I rank West Side Story and where I rank Les Mis.

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  1. For me, my top 2 would have to be Elisabeth and Les Miz with Wicked and A Tale of Two Cities trailing just barely behind! Placing an exact top 2 is just so difficult for me because there are so many amazing musicals that I absolutely adore!


    • My top two in that sort of way would be Les Mis with Wicked then Annie. Annie I am only saying it is trailing behind because before Wicked became my favorite musical, Annie was my favorite musical so there is some importance there.


      • All three are such great musicals! I really need to watch Annie again–it’s been so long!


      • I remember three years ago, I got to see the stage show of Annie with my grandma and we were in the front row. I flew by myself for that trip for a grandma and me trip.

        Annie, Sound of Music, Les Mis, and Wicked are for sure in my top ten favorite musicals


      • That sounds like such an awesome trip! It must’ve been a lot of fun!
        All of those musicals are definitely in my top 15, I think! It’s kinda funny because, depending on the mood I’m in, my favorites list changes!


      • But could a top ten list really be eleven musicals if I just put Les Mis and Wicked together?


      • I think so! If they’re tied for first place then it would make sense for there to still be nine more, I think! I think it would make sense to put the two together!


      • Annie slides beneath them, well others do belong there, but that one was at #1 spot before Wicked so there is some meaning and reasoning behind that. I have never written a top ten list of musicals or top twenty list of musicals list on this blog before, but that sounds like a good blog idea


      • Yeah! It’s pretty tough but I kinda just went with whatever came naturally. For me, my order of favorite musicals is always shifting because sometimes I’ll relisten to/rewatch a musical that I’ve not listened to or watched in a while and then they push through onto the list!


      • Les Mis naturally seems to come first, then Wicked naturally comes second, yes that is what naturally happens, but something keeps on pulling them together


      • That’s understandable. For me it’s really hard to decide between the two because they’re so different and practically incomprable.


      • Exactly. One is full of magic, spectacle, dance, fantasy, comedy, and with this one I have a personal bond to one of the characters so in many ways it is more relatable.

        The other one is more of a spiritual adventure full of suspense, action, emotional intensity and power in such a deep way, with these themes of love, hope, compassion, and forgiveness-boy that is hard to describe.


      • Absolutely. It’s pretty much impossible to compare them. For me, Les Miz will generally rank higher than Wicked just because Les Miz is, for me, the more emotional show but really, that’s only when people ask me to rank them numerically. It’s not really possible to compare them and I love them both for very different reasons so they rank more-or-less the same for me!


      • Les Mis true is more emotional and that is what is what makes up for its loss of dance, but Wicked is home to Elphaba, a character I relate to more than the Les Mis characters combined and has that extra bonus of spectacle and dance. Elphaba is a huge reason why it is hard for many musicals to mess with Wicked


      • That makes sense! For me, even if a story isn’t very strong but I love the characters, a musical (or movie, book, etc.) has a better chance of becoming a favorite of mine. I’ve always loved characters and I really think that a story can prosper if characters are likeable


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