Social Life of Gardner Webb

It is no surprise that I love Gardner Webb. One of my favorite things about Gardner Webb is the social life they have. Student Activities puts together so many wonderful activities for us to enjoy. There are an incredible amount of clubs and organizations to be a part of. What exactly are some of the activities that I have enjoyed doing.

  1. Pumpkin Painting- one year I painted an actual pumpkin and another year I painted a clay pumpkin
  2. Pinterest Night- last year in the Fall, the people who signed up got to choose the wood design they want. Mine ended up being a flower with my monogram in the middle. Another Pinterest night, which was Spring of 2016, we could paint whatever we want and I based mine under Disney
  3. Painting Night- I did this once and everyone did the same design because that was what was assigned that night. The one we did was a peacock.
  4. School Dances- I have gone to these throughout the year, but not all of them. The only problem with school dances is that a lot of times, the songs are usually not the best song list.
  5. Hiking- since Gardner Webb is only about thirty to one hour away from places such as South Mountain and Crowder’s Mountain and other trails, hiking is something we can sign up doing.
  6. Disney Leadership Program- I went last year and this was during Spring Break and the group took two leadership classes where we got to learn leadership skills by Disney and we got behind the scenes looks. The rest of the time, we just spent time at Disney and I got to go to all four parks
  7. Mission Trips- I went to Charleston in Fall Break of 2015 for a mission trip
  8. The Gathering- this is a student-led worship service and is so much fun. This is where I discovered songs such as Come to the River, Fierce, and other Contemporary Christian songs. I find it easy to listen to the Sermon since they are drawn towards college students.
  9. Campus Civitan- this is my club I am a part of. I am currently president and they are like family to me. What exactly is Campus Civitan? It is a service club where we have volunteered through places such as homeless shelters, Special Olympic and on campus activities such as Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week, Disability Awareness Month, Relay For Life, and Octoberfest (a festival for kids nearby where they can go trick or treating in a safe place)
  10. Candy and Critters- this is where you can actually make a stuffed animal and happens around Valentine’s Day. There are many skins to pick from. So far I have made a hot pink bunny, who I named Beatrice Rose. My second one I made is a pink camouflage bear, who I named Magenta. My third one I made is a rainbow dog, who I named Rainbow
  11. Wicked- Gardner Webb took a group of fifty students to see Wicked in Charlotte, which was my fourth time seeing. I feel like seeing Wicked with a school that changed me for good made Wicked even more meaningful. Seeing it with my school was one of the reasons why I felt more vulnerable the fourth time around and part of why I reacted to “For Good” the way I did partly had to do with seeing it with Gardner Webb.
  12. Movies on the Quad or in Tucker Student Center- usually throughout the year, they show movies. Sometimes they are shown on the Quad or at the Tucker Student Center. One of the movies I saw was Force Awakens, which was in Tucker
  13. Gingerbread House and Meeting Santa- last year, I ended up decorating a Gingerbread house and I ended up meeting Santa

So I love all the different activities you can do at Gardner Webb. These activities are part of why I love Gardner Webb.

2 thoughts on “Social Life of Gardner Webb

  1. Those sound like some really great social events! I don’t tend to go to many social events at my college but am definitely planning on attending more this year!


    • I have student activities events posted on a bulletin board in my room and some of the same events are happening this semester. It all goes down to what my job in applied theatre will be, which is 40 hours of volunteering in the theatre in any way


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