Musicals I Love That I Have Seen on Tour

Today, I will write a list of musicals that I ended up loving on tour, which means those I remember seeing.  I will include where I have seen them and why I loved them. There is something special about seeing a musical on tour and I rely on them the most since I live in North Carolina so I am thankful that touring productions exist. What is cool about touring productions is you can see them in different theaters and different cities, which affect the nature of the musical.

  1. Wicked (3x): Charlotte- I loved this one because of the beautiful storyline of friendship and the texture added by the love triangle between Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda. I saw it on tour in high school, at age 19, and at age 22. Ever since Broadway at age 12, each time I saw it my vulnerable level increased while the emotional level deepened. Everything about this musical feels OZian.

2. Les Mis (1x): Greenville- this was my 5th time seeing the stage show. It had to live up to the West End production and it did in its own way. This was the 25th anniversary production so there was no revolve. I loved the different projections, which brought a bit more Victor Hugo into the piece.  The set moved very smoothly so the transitions worked very well. The cast was incredible and I had an understudy as Eponine. Like I expected, I cried throughout the show. I even ended up with goosebumps. I loved how they added the candles during “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” and I loved that staging of the song more in this version and even “Javert’s Suicide” was improved upon.

Nick Cartell was one of the best Jean Valjeans’, Melissa Mitchell played Fantine as naive and that still worked, Joshua Grosso might have become my favorite Marius, Jillian Butler has a beautiful soprano voice, which works perfectly for Costte, Allison Guinn and J. Anthony Crane were just hilarious and even the ensemble was incredible.


3. Rent(1x): Charlotte- I had to wait five years till I got to see this live. It had a wonderful cast, and our seats were perfect. I ended up being an emotional wreck watching it. I love that Rent has this wonderful message about living your life in love and in the moment, and that is one of the biggest reasons why the show is meaningful. Waiting five years was so worth it.


4. Newsies(1x): Charlotte- I remember first hearing of Newsies through the songs. I only enjoyed them, but not enough to make me love. But when I heard the show had Tony award winning choreography, I knew I wanted to see Newsies. I remember during the show just being mind-blown by the dance in this show. They were literally dancing on newspapers at one point and dong moves such as flipping and other fancy moves, and that is one of the biggest reasons why I love the musical. I love the bond shared between all the Newsies and the bond between Jack and Crutchie. The story was so inspiring, and the dance made me love the songs even more. This musical is still quite new in my life because its only been one year since I fall in love with it.


5.  Sound of Music (1x): Charlotte- I have loved the musical since I was in elementary school, but never go to see it live. I waited until 2015 to see it live. I love all of the music and my favorite is Edelweiss, and I remember crying during that number when I saw it live. I remember just feeling like a kid again. Seeing it on tour was so special and was the best way to end that musical year, which consisted of seeing four musicals.


6. Pippin(1x): Charlotte- seeing this musical almost didn’t happen. Mom bought the two of us tickets the week before and there was one day left with two seats together. The song, “Corner of the Sky”, was what made me decide that I just had to see Pippin. After seeing the trailer I wanted to see it even more due to the circus elements. It was wonderful and at point, were asked to sing along. The story is so universal because it is about finding out where you belong.


7. Annie(1x): St. Louis- Just like Sound of Music, I have loved it since elementary school. I got to see it with my grandma in December of 2014. I felt like that kid again and the cast was so well-cast. Before Wicked became a part of my life, Annie was my favorite musical. The musical means so much to me and I ended up loving the musical even more after seeing it live.


8. Phantom of the Opera(1x): Greenville- I first fell in love with the songs early 2013 due to Pandora. I wanted to see Phantom of the Opera ever since. I was spellbound from start to finish and I was choked up. I couldn’t even move until the famous chandelier scene. It was just so beautiful. I remember during the entire overture not being being able to take my eyes off the chandelier.


What are you musicals you saw on tour that you loved?

14 thoughts on “Musicals I Love That I Have Seen on Tour

  1. Wow, you have seen so many shows! I am very grateful for touring shows also, thought I haven’t seen quite as many. The very first show I saw on tour was Beauty and the Beast which I was sadly too young to quite get. I was just expecting everything to look exactly like the cartoon and when it didn’t I felt betrayed somehow. (I think I was six.) Much later I saw Mary Poppins, but I wasn’t very impressed with it. Then I saw Phantom of the Opera for my 18th birthday and it was AMAZING. But my most truly significant touring Broadway experience was Newsies. My life will never be the same. We had spectacular seats and the dancing was phenomenal and the cast was brilliant. I saw Joey Barreiro as Jack and Andy Richardson as Crutchie and henceforth the Broadway cast recording cannot satisfy me. The relationship between Jack and Crutchie was so pure and innocent and I loved them so much. Their interpretation was everything I wanted.
    I have yet to see Les Miserables to my great dismay, but I am planning on seeing it this summer. I hope it works out!
    Great post!


    • There are shows I saw on tour like Cats, Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast, but do not remember seeing them.

      When I saw Newsies, I saw the same Jack and Crutchie you saw. I was just mind-blown by the tricky dancing. I quickly got emotionally connected to Newsies at the beginning through Jack and Crutchie’s relationship than it evolved into the relationship between all the Newsies.

      Touring productions are a wonderful way to see musicals if it is hard to get to NY. I am from NC so I rely on touring productions and good thing I live in Charlotte where shows tend to stop by

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  2. I haven’t seen all that many tours actually! I’ve seen the Phantom tour and the Something Rotten! tour, the Wicked tour, as well as the Sound of Music tour.


      • Yeah! That’s pretty awesome that you’ve seen it so many times! I know that it came to Seattle two years ago but I wasn’t able to catch it because I put my money towards watching Phantom on tour. I’m really hoping to catch Phantom on tour again and Les Miz as well this coming summer. Several of my friends have said that they would like to go so it looks like we might be able to get group discounts!


      • Wicked, the 3rd and 4th times, were timing in a way. The 3rd time, I had already seen it two times already, but my dad still hasn’t seen so I went for him and those were Christmas presents. The 4th time, my school was taking people so I signed up and seeing it with a school that has change me “for good”, another reason why my vulnerable level increased: others include the excellent trio of Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero along with new knowledge of Fiyero and new knowledge of some of Elphaba’s emotions


      • That’s so cool! I’ve seen Wicked in Japan once (it was cool because it was a free show but I was so young that I barely remember it) but other than that, I’ve had to pay to go see it myself. I hope that the tour comes to Seattle again so that I can (hopefully) see it!


      • From it to change so much from age 12 to now is crazy. The emotions run deeper than ever before and the vulnerable level has increased a lot. But yet, it is still Wicked. Hard to believe the stages in which it changed and I do not remember when things have happened such as “when did I realize there was a love tirangle” or when did I discover Elphaba was brave and so on. But some things I know exactly when they were different such as realizing that Fiyero has a crush on Elphaba at Shiz and that was during my 4th time. So do not remember when certain things became known


      • It definitely is cool to see how impressions of a musical can change over time and how the messages get through to you more as you grow older.


      • Sometimes I don’t remember when certain things have changed.

        4th time: “I’m Not That Girl”was no longer just a sad song, but heartbreaking, which was discovered before seeing it a 4th time. So I was able to look deeper into the song when I heard that song the 4th time. I paid closer attention to Fiyero to try to figure out the love triangle’s plot twist more, which is why I played close attention to the Lion Cub scene and that is when I noticed he does have a crush on her, but doesn’t know it and even Elphaba doesn’t that. She sings “I’m Not That Girl” right after she realizes she is falling love with so that factors into how heartbreaking the song. Than, I was finally able to get something out of “No Good Deed”: that actor finally made me appreciate it for once and finally saw the emotions. “For Good”- for starters, excellent Glinda and Elphaba plus seeing it with a school that has changed me for good made the song even stronger than ever before


      • Yeah, every time I’ve seen Wicked, I’ve picked up on something new. I think that that’s one of the reasons that I still love it so much!


      • Plus each time that 12 year old in me still hops out. After each time I am like “how on earth will I discover something new”, than the next time brings something new


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