Mystery Musical Plot #5

I am doing my 5th mystery plot poem. I will have you guess what musical I am talking about.

Mystery Plot #5:

A man’s journey of discovering himself

Who goes through many adventures

Who goes through many things

To find his place in life

But is influenced by a playful and crafty person

Who might be leading him to do wrong things

Or head on the wrong path


9 thoughts on “Mystery Musical Plot #5

      • Cool! I had to read over it a few times before I got it! You did a really good job with this one!


      • This is one of the more tricker ones since not as many people know Pippin. I feel like the first line also could refer to Les Mis. Les MIs will a tough one to turn into a poem


      • Yeah, I agree! When I’d read that first line I thought that it might’ve been talking about Les Miz but as I progressed, I realized that the man couldn’t be Jean Valjean. Writing a poem to explain all of Les Miz definitely will be difficult–there’s so much in it to discuss and cover!


      • That is why I started with that line because I knew it could refer to Jean Valjean. Les Mis will be a real tough one. I feel like even one line towards the beginning could easily give it away.


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