Mystery Musical Plot #6

Time for another mystery plot poem. I will be writing a poem and you have to guess what musicals I am writing about.

Mystery #6:

A story of a man’s journey

To discover who he is

A story of a woman

Who struggles in life

A story of two lovers

Who are perfect for each other

A story of a girl

Who is brave and strong

A story of friends

Who stand up for what they believe in

A story of love in many ways

A story where characters impact each other

In beautiful ways

A story with amazing themes

Which make it inspiring


7 thoughts on “Mystery Musical Plot #6

      • I can only imagine… I don’t think that I would be able to do it without giving it all away!


      • I was like, how on earth can do this one? I think I did hide it well enough but still make it possible to figure out which one it is


      • Absolutely! It must have been tough to cover every aspect of the musical while still keeping it vague enough so as not to give it away!


      • Some of the characters there was no way I could cover without really giving it away. That is why I left off Javert and the Thenardiers. I could not figure out how to hide them in a way. But the others I think I did a good job at not making it way too obvious but obvious enough


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