Eponine’s Strong Love for Marius

It is quite fitting that for the series, I would go straight to a character from Les Mis. That is because Wicked and Les Mis are my top two favorite musicals. For today, I decided to talk about why I love Eponine. It actually took me almost an entire year to know why I love Eponine.


Major Spoilers

Eponine is the eldest child of the Thenardiers. She started out as being a spoiled child, but also appeared to be loved by her parents. But soon after Cosette was taken away, Eponine’s life became even worse. She becomes horribly abused and unloved by her parents and fell into extreme poverty. She eventually falls in love with Marius so deeply because of the kindness he shows her, but that love falls unrequited. So where does my love of Eponine fall into all of this?


She has to take part in her parent’s schemes because she was forced into them at times. But the interesting thing about Eponine is that she is not as despicable or as selfish as her parents. Her loyalty towards Marius shows just how different she is when it comes to her parents. She would rather be loyal towards Marius than towards her parents. That is an interesting part about Eponine. She shows how you can raise above her upbringing.

She is strong and brave and complex. A lot of my love for her comes from how she responds to her unrequited love for Marius. She will do anything for him even if it means losing him forever. She is the girl who helps him find Cosette. She risks everything for Marius. That shows her bravery and strength. Her love for Marius is quite strong. She continues to hold on because he is the light of her life. You might think her love for Marius is a weakness, but it actually is her greatest strength even though it leads to “A Little Fall of Rain”.

Her love for Marius does lead her to the barricade. At the barricade, in order to try to protect Eponine, he sends her away to deliver a letter to Cosette. As she sings “On My Own”, she accepts that Marius will never love her, and you can feel the level of depth her love for Marius goes and the song is very powerful. She will continue to love him no matter what. Without Marius, her life would be much darker.

She eventually gets killed at the barricade after sacrificing her life for him. She gets to die happy due to being in the arms of Marius. Marius shows compassion to her by holding and comforting her while she dies. If you understand how dark her life was and how strong she loves Marius, it makes you understand why dying in the arms of Marius makes her happy for once.


So a lot of my love for Eponine comes from she responds to her love for Marius. You see her level of strength and bravery through her love for him. At least she gets to die in the arms of Marius due to how dark her life was. Her death does make Marius feel devastated, but despite that he still stays with her till the end.

16 thoughts on “Eponine’s Strong Love for Marius

  1. I completely agree! I LOVE Eponine. In my opinion she is the embodiment of loyalty and love. She loves Marius and I think she really believes in the Revolution too. She turns away from the ways her parents taught her in order to follow her heart and conscience. I recently started reading the book Les Mis and it’s wonderful so far. If you loved the musical, I highly recommend the book. Eponine is such a brave character.

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  2. Éponine is easily one of my favorite characters from the musical. I think that she’s wonderful and that she makes for a super awesome character. I love all of her character growth and her songs have always been some of my absolute favorites from the musical. It was probably “A Little Fall of Rain” that made me cry the most (besides “Finale”, of course) when I saw the musical for the first time.

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    • I have no idea when I started crying during Les Mis. Eponine is such a wonderful character and most of why I love her is based on how she reacts to her unrequited love. I love where her journey ends even thought it is heartbreak, but is also moving as well. She is very different from her parents and shows that through her loyalty to Marius.


      • Yes, definitely! Éponine definitely has a wonderful story and one of my favorite parts of her story is probably “A Little Fall of Rain” since it is so pack-full of emotion.


      • “On My Own” and “A Little Fall of Rain” are songs I love listening to when it comes to Eponine’s story. “On My Own” really shows you the strength of her love for Marius and really shows you just how empty her life is. Than there’s the bittersweet “A Little Fall of Rain” and it is a touching way to end Eponine’s story: yes, it is heartbreaking she has to die, but at least she gets to die in the arms of Marius


      • Definitely. Éponine’s death had to happen for the story to really work and it’s a really touching part of the story. It’s heartbreaking but it’s one of my favorite scenes from the musical.


      • It is a beautiful way for Eponine’s story to end. Yes, it is a favorite character’ death, but her death is quite memorable. A lot of that had to do with what Marius did in her final moments. He showed compassion by being with her and that is a beautiful thing. “A Little Fall of Rain” is a heartbreaking and bittersweet song and is such a touching and moving song, which fits perfectly with the scene. One of my favorite musical theatre duets


      • It is really heartbreaking but it’s beautiful at the same time. That’s what I love about it. I also love the fact that Éponine is content and at peace with life, having Marius there with her.


      • Prior to Les Mis, I thought a death scene could never be memorable, especially to a favorite character. But Les Mis proved me wrong in more than one scene.


      • Yeah, Les Miz did that for me too. It’s crazy how just one musical was able to give so many proofs against what I thought that I knew.


    • I have seen Les MIs 5 times. The first time in 2013 three times at community college: once with family and twice as an usher. 4th time in 2015 in the West End with an understudy as Jean Valjean. 5th time during the US Touring Cast in Greenville with an understudy as Eponine.

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    • In Les Mis, I have a hard time picking my favorite character. I love so many favorites from one musical. Not only is Eponine one of my favorite characters in Les Mis, she is one of the best musical theatre characters.


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