Actors and Actresses I Have Loved That I Have Seen in the United States

Most of the musicals I have seen are touring companies in the United States. I have seen touring musicals in Missouri, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Those are the only states I remember seeing musicals in on tour. So I decided to make a list of those I have seen in The United States because I live here. I already did a list about actor and actors I have seen in both the United States and in the West End, but this time only talking about those I have in the country I live in. Some of these actors have the character names because I don’t know who I saw as them, but know I loved them.

  1. Matt Shingledecker
  2. Jasmine Easler
  3. Ashley Parker Angel
  4. Talia Simone Robinson
  5. Joey Barreiro
  6. Pippin Ensemble
  7. Nick Cartell
  8. Amanda Jane Copper
  9. Sound of Music Children
  10. Anthony Crane
  11. Kaleb Wells
  12. Lisa Karlin
  13. Raoul
  14. Allison Guinn
  15. Lyndie Moe
  16. Les Mis Ensemble
  17. Mary Kate Morrissey
  18. “Annie” Children
  19. Joshua Grosso
  20. Rent Ensemble
  21. Annie Ensemble
  22. Sophie Knapp
  23. Skyler Volpe
  24. “Annie” Miss Hannigan
  25. Phantom
  26. Mellissa Mitchell
  27. Phantom Ensemble
  28. Sammie Ferber
  29. “Sound of Music” Maria
  30. Christine (Understudy)
  31. Jillian Butler
  32. Aaron Alcarz

The link below is my entire post of the actors and actresses I have seen professionally in both the West End and the United States that I loved so in that post have Les Mis actors in both the United States and the West End.

2 thoughts on “Actors and Actresses I Have Loved That I Have Seen in the United States

  1. That’s a pretty good list! Unfortunately when I saw Phantom on tour I wasn’t too impressed with the cast but I did really enjoy the Broadway cast that I saw. I also really liked the cast of Les Miz that I saw on Broadway as well as the cast of Something Rotten! on tour!


    • Even though a couple posts ago, I talked about the professional actors I loved in the United States and my West End cast of Les Mis, I thought it would be interesting to just include those from my own country

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