Loving Raoul and Marius

I decided to combine these two characters together. They tend to get underappreciated by fans for the most absurd of reasons. A lot of it comes from the fact that they are part of a love triangle. Raoul gets hated because people think that Christine should have ended up with the Phantom. Marius gets hated because they think he is a jerk and that he should of ended up with Eponine. I decided to explain in this post why they are not what people think they are.

Possible Spoilers:


First up is Raoul. He falls in love with Christine. He is such a wonderful person. He is the better pick for Christine because he treats her better than the Phantom. He spends the show trying to protect her. He knows the Phantom is dangerous because the Phantom is quite violent and destructive. Christine and Raoul truly love each other. Here’s the thing if Raoul and Christine didn’t end up together, the love triangle would not have been as effective. All Raoul wants to do is protect Christine from any harm.


In the case of Marius, he isn’t a jerk. Eponine fell in love with him because of the kindness he shows her. Just because he is oblivious to Eponine’s love for him doesn’t make him a jerk. He has a lot going in his life at the moment so I don’t blame him for not knowing. Marius is one of the revolutionaries, has a political conflict going on with his grandfather and being in love for the first time so he has a lot going on. Plus Eponine never told him she loves him.

Marius is caring, sweet, a bit awkward and capable of loads of compassion and bravery. He doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets. He and Cosette make such an adorable couple. I understand that they have to be together. Cosette represents hope and light so the two had to be together.


If Marius was actually a jerk, both Eponine and Cosette wouldn’t have fallen in love with him. He never is a jerk to Eponine even though he asks her to find Cosette for him. He truly cares about Eponine. He knows how dark her life is. Even at the barricade when he asks her to deliver the letter for him, he isn’t doing it out of selfish intentions. He only did in order to protect her because he didn’t want her to get hurt.


Even though Eponine came back, he shows her an incredible act of compassion. She gets shot and after Marius finds out she got shot after she collapsed in his arms, he realized she was dying. This totally devastates Marius and that shows that he always worried about Eponine and that he did value their friendship. But he decides to comfort and hold her while she dies. That to me is showing her compassion and he tried to stay brave throughout the entire scene. Even though he couldn’t protect her, at least he decided to be with her until she dies. The line he says after she dies is “her name was Eponine. Her life was cold and dark, yet she was unafraid”. Those lines really say that he did know her life was quite dark.

Marius almost didn’t survive the revolution but was saved by Jean Valjean because his adopted daughter loves him and that helps bring hope to this tragic tale. He was the only survivor on the barricade and that that is what makes him go through a lot of trauma. I just don’t understand the hate that Marius gets. I am learning to love Marius more and more as time goes on. Of all the characters who don’t die, Marius is my favorite character.

9 thoughts on “Loving Raoul and Marius

  1. It’s been a few years since I read the Les Mis book, but as I recall Marius and Eponine really never even developed a friendship in the book. She helped him get to Cosette and yes, she fell in love with him, but his goal was Cosette only haha. Eponine is in disguise as a boy when she gets shot, and only as she’s dying does Marius realize who it is. I think it’s interesting how the musical adaptation allows for a little more character development than the book. But then again, the book was written as a social commentary not necessarily as just a good story, so each character is symbolic of a theme. I would have to agree, though, that Marius is underappreciated for sure! I like how you are comparing him to Raoul. They both receive a lot of hate for no good reason!


    • I put Marius and Raoul together since they both receive hate for no good reason at all.

      I last read Les Misérables three years ago and yes, Marius and Eponine never developed a friendship. They were only next door neighbors. The love triangle was still present like in the musical, but in the book I found the love triangle to be much more subtle. The musical allows the love triangle to be stronger, which is part of what the music does and part of what making Marius and Eponine become friends. So the musical is still quite faithful to the book, but changes some things to make it its own. Marius and Cosette are such a wonderful couple and because Cosette represents hope and light, it makes since that Marius ends up with Cosette in the first place and why he had to survive the rebellion.

      Raoul shouldn’t have been hated either. Christine doesn’t deserve to fall in love with the Phantom or even be in a relationship in him. He is much too violent and dangerous. So I love that Christine and Raoul end up together.

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      • I just wish the two were not hated upon for the way that they are. I love those two love triangles just the way they are. If they were different, I wouldn’t have currently loved them. Once you understand why they currently are set up they way they are, it makes you love them even more


  2. Yay! I love posts that throw appreciation at Raoul and Marius! They definitely don’t deserve all of the hate that they get! They’re both so sweet!

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    • I know they are. Raoul and Marius are so sweet and kind and compassionate and are hated upon just due to being in a love triangle


      • Right? It’s ridiculous that people hate on them just because they’re in love. If that’s their only crime, then honestly, it doesn’t make sense why people hate them so much!

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      • Raoul and Christine love each other and so does Marius and Cosette so why should Marius and Raoul get hated upon. They just want Christine and Marius to end up with the other person, but I love the couples just they are or else wouldn’t have loved the love triangles at all.

        I combined the two to try to defend and say why they don’t deserve the hate. Marius is a revolutionary and shows he is more than being a romantic. Him being a revolutionary really shows his brave side. He is quite compassionate, which is especially shown during A Little Fall of Rain. His kindness is shown through both Cosette and Eponine because if he wasn’t both wouldn’t have been in love with him like I said in this post.

        In the post, I also tried to make it prove that Raoul is the better pick for Christine. I just to had to combine those two. I learned to love Marius a lot as time went on: this really partly had to do with how Eponine views him and the actors that played him over the years. My most recent Marius, Joshua Grosso, made me fall in love with Marius even more.

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