The Austrian Couple

These posts are getting harder as the series continues. Maria and the Captain from Sound of Music seem to be the hardest one so far. But just like with some couples I mentioned before, their romance develops over time. Maria falls in love with his children before falling in love with him. The Captain is a very stern and strict man before meeting Maria. But when Maria enters happiness back into his life by bringing music back into his house, he eventually will come to conclusion that he loves Maria. Maria taught the children to sing and the Captain hearing them sing brings back the happiness that was once lost back.

The Captain has lost his wife a couple years prior to the events in Sound of Music and has a hard time dealing with that loss.

Maria understands the children better than the Captain does and eventually the Captain realizes that Maria was right all along. The song, “Something Good”, highlights their relationship perfectly. I think their love blossoms as the show continues and eventually these two get married.


12 thoughts on “The Austrian Couple

    • The Sound of Music has an incredible meaning behind it. It is a musical of my childhood. I do remember that Edelweiss was my first piano recital song.

      When I saw the stage show in 2015, I felt like a kid again. I was more emotional watching the stage show than I ever did with the movie. I remember during Edelweiss, at one small moment, I felt sad and that was an emotion I never noticed in that song before. So due to seeing it live, I love the musical more than ever.


      • I hope to go back to France since I don’t remember much at the first time since I was 7.

        This might sound crazy, but I have to time this right. I want to somehow catch Les Mis in Spanish so I need to go to a Spanish-Speaking country for that to happen.

        I hope to do a mission abroad someday

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      • I never heard of a vision board before. I want to go back to France mostly due to me wanting to see the Catacombs due to loving Phantom of the Opera.

        I have asked this a lot about Les Mis. Why on Earth do you want to see Les Mis in Spanish if you are not going to understand it? What they don’t know is that I am obsessed with the show and already know it so well that I will understand it outside of English. I have seen the stage show 5 times, seen the 25th anniversary concert at least ten or so times and the movie who knows how many times. So I know that musical so well so I will be able to understand what is going on.

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      • I have been learning Spanish for four years in high school. Now as a college student, I have taken Spanish for five semesters.

        I have found the Les Mis songs in Spanish. I even have found some of them actually performed and I still can understand what is going on.

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  1. I love this! The Captain and Maria are a tricky couple to understand exactly why one might love them but I do quite like them!


    • They have been the trickiest couple to say why I love them. So that was interesting for me. A lot of it has to do with “Something Good”


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