What Makes Romance so Common in Musicals

What is noticed about the world of musicals is how often romance exists. It seems to exist to almost every musical, but why is it like that. Romance is this love/hate emotion due to some people hating it in musicals and some people love it in musicals. Part of that is the problem of “love at first sight”, but makes sense due to the length of a musical.

In my personal opinion, romance is so common due to it being such an universal emotion. Romance also translates very easy to song and the couples provide a different reason for being in the musical in the first place. Harold Hill and Marian bring an emotional nature to Music Man since the show focuses on just positive emotions. Then with Emelie and Nellie, the entire show is a love story between them. With Marius and Cosette, they help bring light to the tragic tale. Being an easy emotion to translate to song, it sounds so beautifully and couples can help you develop an emotional connection to the two characters in romance. But then again, romance does exist in the form of a love triangle and in that situation adds texture to the piece and shows how characters react to unrequited love.

What do you think? Why do you think romance is so common in musicals?

8 thoughts on “What Makes Romance so Common in Musicals

  1. I think that you bring up a good point about it being an universal emotion. I also think that it just works really well with songs so that’s probably a little part of why romance shows up in musicals time and time again!


    • It is so wide ranging that there keep on being something new and unique in the romance nature. It does translate well to song no matter the circumstance: when a couple sings together or if it dealing with breakup or unrequited love: all of those are love songs


    • Romance numbers tend to be some of the most beautiful numbers in a musical. I love a good musical too: the first thing that makes me decide if I love a musical are the songs

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      • The numbers that tend to get stuck in my head are the exciting numbers. I love just how varied romance can be in the musical world. The couples are very different and some get caught up in a love triangle which complicates things.

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