Candy and Critters

Every year at Gardner Webb, they have this event called Candy and Critters, which happens around Valentine’s Day. This event actually happened on Valentine’s Day. It allows students to make stuffed animal and create a box of candy. Usually students are only allowed to make one stuffed animal, but this year someone from student activities said we could make another one if we waited till 4:45. I made two, which are two bears. Below I will talk more in detail about the bears and what I named them and why.


This is a picture of me and my suite mate with some friends. All five of us did end up making more than one stuffed animal.


Above is Tiedye. It is pretty obvious why I named it tiedye. Not only does it look like a tiedye pattern, it also is pretty colorful.


The bear above is named after a musical character. Before the event, I have never named a stuffed animal after a musical character so I decided coming into the event I will do exactly that. Here’s the thing: I tend to name stuffed animals over what they look like and I needed to name it after a musical character I love. That bear is my Eponine. I felt like it looked like a name from Les Mis and Eponine automatically came to mind. Not only does it have heart-shaped patches on it, but the hearts have stitches around the edges. Those patches reminded me of a broken heart. Because the patches and bear are brown, it reminds me of Eponine’s trench coat and hat.

12 thoughts on “Candy and Critters

    • The patches are what drew me to Eponine the most. Right when I saw the patches, I already knew it was going to be a name from Les Mis. Before even stuffing the bear, I knew it had be Eponine mainly from the shape of the patches


      • As I was reading this post and when you said that you named the bear Eponine, it definitely made sense to me! I think that it’s the perfect name for her!


      • I’m not really all that sure but I think that it might have something to do with her general color scheme and the patches! When I read that you named her Eponine, I just couldn’t help but think “Oh, that’s perfect!”


      • Yeah, I think that the name really fits with those two aspects! I wouldn’t have noticed it, I don’t think, if you hadn’t talked about it in the post but once you mentioned it, she definitely reminds me of Eponine!


    • I wasn’t expecting to make Tiedye. I thought I was only going to have Eponine. But since my group waited long enough until 15 minutes till, I was able to make Tiedye.

      When it comes to Eponine, sometimes I have to explain her name by explaining where her name comes from a bit of her story so people will understand why I named her that.

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