The Beauty of Touring Productions

Touring productions are one way to watch musicals. But there is an amazing beauty behind them. Even though people would love to see musicals on Broadway or the West End, not everybody has easy access to them. I live in North Carolina, which is not that close to New York. So I am so thankful for touring productions. It allows you to see musicals at different theaters. In Charlotte, there are two main theaters, which are Belk Theatre and Ovens Auditorium. The other theaters I have gone to on tour are Fox Theatre (St. Louis) and Peace Center (Greenville).

Touring productions are so incredible. The casts are always extremely talented, and the staging is incredible to watch. I have been on two dates with my mom during touring productions. I have been on one date with my dad during a touring production. Some of these times my entire family went to. But some have been just my mom, dad, and me. Others have been just my sister, mom, and me. The dates with my mom on tour were Pippin and Phantom of the Opera. With my dad, our date was at Wicked, and even though he hadn’t seen it at that point and it was my 3rd time going, he still gave me the better seat.

Over the years, touring productions have been the main way I have seen musicals. I have seen Annie at the Fox Theatre, which is such a gorgeous theatre. I have seen both Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera at the Peace Center, which is another gorgeous theatre, and I have seen Phantom of the Opera in the orchestra, and I saw Les Mis up in the balcony. In Charlotte, I have seen Wicked at Ovens Auditorium three times, and I have seen Sound of Music, Pippin, Rent, and Newsies at the Belk Theatre. If there wasn’t touring productions, I would not have been able to see all the musicals I have seen. The main theaters I go to are Belk and Ovens because I live in Charlotte, and those are the two main theaters. It gives you the wonderful opportunity to see you to explore musicals at different theaters and each city, the show will be a bit different.

What do you think is the beauty of touring productions?

4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Touring Productions

  1. Touring productions really are awesome! They make theatre so much more accessible to people! They also very often put a new spin on the musicals in set, costume design, or even small character things so it’s cool to watch that!


    • Plus depending on the city, the set is a bit different in order to fit the various theaters. Touring productions are the main way for me to see a musical live.


      • Yeah, that’s true for me as well. I mostly have to rely on a production going on tour if I want to see it.


      • The hard thing is waiting to see what shows are coming each season. In Charlotte, I do not find out until summer.


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