A Wrinkle in Time Review

Major Spoilers:

Just two days ago, I saw the movie “A Wrinkle in Time”. I remember reading the book in elementary school, but don’t remember what the story was about. The story is about Meg Murray’s quest to find her missing father. She goes on the quest with her younger brother, Charles Wallace, and Calvin, one of her classmates. They travel in time through a tesseract. Three warriors named Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Witch help them at first, but eventually send them to the quest alone. Meg learns that her father has been trapped on a evil planet called Camazotz. These three warriors give Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin gifts to help them on their quest.


I really enjoyed this movie. The costumes were wonderful and the story was wonderful. The main character, Meg Murray, is a troubled high-school girl, who gets stronger as the story continues. Charles Wallace, her little brother, is intelligent. Calvin is one of her classmates. These three make up a wonderful team.

The planets are well created and quite beautiful. I loved seeing the way they made you Tesseract. Meg does fail most of the times because she lands on her back not standing up. But Meg will never give up.

The team has to meet several creative people along the way. One of them helps Meg realize where her father is and she will not give up on finding him. He has been captured by Camazotz and the IT tries to take control of them. When the three reach the planet, the warriors can no longer help them. Meg is told that eventually her faults will help her. For me, it was interesting seeing the obstacles they have to overcome. They are told not to trust anyone because if they do, the IT can take control of them and are told to stick together. At one point Calvin and Meg have to get away from a dark cloud and it is a hard obstacle and have to make it over the wall. Than they have to overcome. The next obstacle, they come across several houses and are tempted to have dinner and Calvin tries to trust them, but Meg stops him. However in the last obstacle at a beach full of people, Charles Wallace makes a huge mistake and eventually is taken over by the IT. So the obstacles are interesting to discover as the story continues.

The three actors who play Calvin, Meg, and Charles Wallace were well cast. They act as a team and even at the point when Charles Wallace is taken over by the IT, Calvin and Meg don’t let it take over them even if Charles Wallace is tempting them. Since the darkness hit him, Meg finds a way to allow the darkness to turn back to the light by saying her faults and reminding her brother that she loves him.

This story reminds me of the dark and light on earth. In this story, there is this thing called the IT, which strikes certain people and that makes people darker and those people lose their light. But it teaches us to hold on to hope and our light so darkness does not fully hit us.

So if you like a story full of adventure, plot twists and action, than come see the movie. Or if you like movies with a wonderful message, come see the movie.

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4 thoughts on “A Wrinkle in Time Review

  1. I have not watched/read A Wrinkle in Time yet but I think that I will try to do both this year! I’ve only heard great things about it!


    • You really should. Before this movie, I remember reading it but not the plot. So glad I got to see the movie and the message is wonderful


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