Top Three Eponine Actresses

Once again, they are coming from the movie, 25th anniversary concert, community college, West End, and Greenville. The unique thing about Eponine is that instead of narrowing down from five actresses, I am choosing from four actresses. I was debating if I should do my top two or top three since I only have four actresses to pick from, but went with three because that is how many I did for the entire series.

Criteria is as follows:

  1. These are only opinions. I am not necessarily going to talk about actors that people are familiar with. You do not have to agree with all my choices since they are just opinions
  2. Not going to leave out understudies. I am not going to leave off an understudy just because they are an understudy. Going to include them if they are good enough to be in the top three.
  3. Based off of different things such as their voice, how they might say a certain word, how well the emotions are portrayed, dynamics, among other things

Samantha Barks:

Samantha was my first Eponine since the movie was my first full experience of Les Mis. Then I saw her again in the 25th anniversary concert. Since she played the role in both, I only have four Eponines to pick from.

Her portrayal of Eponine in the movie is one of the biggest reasons why I fell in love with Eponine. She played a lonely version of the character and showed how alone Eponine is. All of her scenes were heartbreaking and was able to show the hurt found in the unrequited love even in those little bits of singing throughout as in the parts that she was singing to herself. Her version of “On My Own” was so powerful and it showed a lot of heartbreak and a lot of loneliness and then at the end she was actually crying. In her little bits of dialogue, she was able to show the heartbreak of unrequited love.

In this version of Eponine, the movie, she sacrificed herself to save Marius from being shot. Her “Little Fall of Rain” in the movie was so believable. She started the song quiet and as the song progressed she just got weaker and weaker and that was shown through voice and body language and that made me believe that Eponine was dying. Without Samantha’s Eponine, I don’t know if I would have loved Eponine as much as I do today. She is still my favorite Eponine and I think a lot of that comes from the fact that she was my first Eponine. Without her Eponine, I don’t think I would have become as attached to Eponine as I am today.

Not only was she incredible as Eponine in the movie, I also loved her as Eponine in the 25th anniversary concert. While her movie performance was much more intimate, I loved her Eponine in the concert as well even though her Eponine is much more intimate in the movie. She still was able to bring out the heartbreak that Eponine was feeling and I still was able to believe in “A Little Fall of Rain”. She just portrayed Eponine in a different way, but both times she was still true to the character. In the 25th concert, I still loved her version of “On My Own”. She was a standout in the movie and the 25th concert and in my opinion was the best actress found in the love triangle in both scenarios.

Carrie Hope Fletcher:

Here’s the thing, Carrie was literally almost as good as Samantha and that was only by an inch, which does show just how incredible she was as Eponine. She was literally right up there. I ended up seeing her in the West End. Like I already said previously, the West End love triangle dynamic was the strongest, and I remember in that moment when Marius first bumped into Cosette with Eponine watching, I remember just feeling so much at once, and that first moment is a huge reason why I love this particular love triangle dynamic so much, and I felt the heartbreak in all those little bits. She did give new insight into the character, and that new insight I wasn’t that prepared for.

Before the West End, I honestly thought I knew Eponine really well, but I wasn’t prepared for that new level of insight I was going to gain from Carrie. Instead of portraying her as a lonely girl, her Eponine was more angry and it took me offguard when she showed that during “On My Own”. I never expected Eponine to have anger, but I eventually realized it does fit the character. Due to that new emotion found in “On My Own”, Carrie was able to make the role her own. Of everyone in the love triangle, she stood out the most.

She is one of the biggest reasons why my West End love triangle was as strong as it was. In all of her scenes leading up to “A Little Fall of Rain”, she gave the heartbreak that she needed to show due to the unrequited love. When it was either the moment that Marius and Cosette first bumped into each or during “A Heart Full of Love”, I was feeling several emotions at once due to the dynamic due to her, Zoe, and Rob.

I remember right before “A Little Fall of Rain” hearing a gun shot and I looked up and saw a nonverbal made by Carrie’s Eponine and I was able to pick up on the fact that Eponine just got shot. So that helped me start to believe in “A Little Fall of Rain” before the song even began because that nonverbal showed not only was she shot but also in pain. It really helped build up to “A Little Fall of Rain”.


Talia Simone Robinson:

Talia was my Eponine in Greenville and she went on as an understudy. While she wasn’t as good as Samantha or Carrie, she is still in my top three. Talia definitely wasn’t a weak Eponine and she wasn’t solid either. She was actually better than being a solid Eponine and that is one of the reasons why she is one of my top three actors who have played Eponine. She was very playful around Marius and that does help show that she was in love with him. The love triangle found with Talia, Joshua and Jillian wasn’t that effective in the moment that Marius and Cosette first bumped into each other, but the love triangle got stronger as the story continued.

It was during “A Heart Full of Love” that I was able to feel for all three of them. That was when I was able to feel for all three of them so at least in this love triangle, I was able to feel for all three of them at some point. About “On My Own”, I think her version gave me goosebumps and even though I was in the balcony, I think I heard some tears at the end.”A Little Fall of Rain”, I noticed that she was struggling to move and that did show that Talia’s Eponine was weak and that made me believe in the fact that Eponine was dying. Also she was able to be quiet enough for what the scene required.

Eponine was quite easy to narrow down. After all, I only had to choose from four actresses. Of all four, one of the actresses was what I could call solid and that was my community college Eponine. All three actors on this post were much better than solid. They were anything from amazing to excellent.

So expect a post on the Thenardiers tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Top Three Eponine Actresses

    • With this post, I somehow was able to get in detail about all three, which was most surprising with Talia considering how I feel about her Eponine.

      I actually was debating if I should have two or three actresses for Eponine since I only had four to pick from instead of five but went with three since the other characters are three


      • Yeah, that would be tough to only work with four! I loved reading all of the details of why you liked these actresses!


      • But with four, it made it really easy to narrow down to three. I already knew who two of them had to be. Then it would be down to Talia and community college: My community college Eponine was solid and Talia was better than that so she gained the third spot.

        I wonder what is was about Eponine that I was able to go in detail when it comes all three. Was especially surprised I was able to go into detail about Talia’s Eponine. The other two that did not come out that much of a surprise considering how much I loved those two girls


  1. I lI’ve Eponine she is definitly my favourite character in les mis. I haven’t seen the show in person as of yet but with the film and the 25th aniversary Samantha was incredible and mad me cry. I have watched carrie on youtube and she was also amazing.


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