The Unofficial Movie/TV Show Tag: my first tag so bear with me

I honestly had no idea what to blog about today. I am someone who usually doesn’t do tags or the awards but decided to today since I have no idea what to blog about.  I remembered that I was tagged by MyMusicalAndWritingLife to do The Unofficial and Movie/TV Show Tag. I have no idea why I am doing this for today’s post but than again could not think of anything to write about. This tag is where I am supposed to bring up movies that have impacted me and has impacted my writing. Well I will be focusing more on those that impacted my life.

Harry Potter Series- well I grew up on this series so this plays an important role in my childhood. I think this series is part of why I love fantasy. I remember watching my first Harry Potter movie, but was scared to watch it so I tied a blanket around my neck and instead of Meg watching it, Super Meg watched it instead. I loved this world of witches and wizards and especially loved the trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


Narnia Series- just like Harry Potter, I grew up with them. I loved the grand scope of Narnia and loved the different Christian elements found in the films but at first didn’t realize they were in there. So this was another aspect to my love for fantasy.


Annie (1982)- this was an important part of my childhood. Part of my introduction to musicals began with this film.


Disney Films- well Disney films are part of my childhood. I watched them growing up. They played an important role in my life and still do. I did watch Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Lion King when I was younger, but don’t remember watching them but did remember the songs “A Whole New World”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and “Beauty and the Beast”.  Disney plays a huge role in my life and is part of the reason why I love musicals today and I still continue to love new films Disney comes out with.

Les Misérables (2012)- yes this film had to be in there. Without the film, I would never have fallen in love with the musical. I first saw it December 2012 and I remember watching it and being shocked and confused that I was watching a tragedy. I just never thought a musical could be tragic. So when I saw it around March 2013, I was able to calm down. Eventually I became obsessed with Les Mis and soon enough I was passionate about musicals. To this point, read the book, seen the filmed version of the 25th anniversary concert and saw the stage show five times plus have quite an impressive collection.

These were all films that impacted my life. I don’t think these movies impacted my writing. I have always been a storyteller and always told stories and I don’t think that part of me was impacted by movie but instead by my own imagination.

Since I have no idea who to tag, everyone is open to do this.

5 thoughts on “The Unofficial Movie/TV Show Tag: my first tag so bear with me

  1. I loved reading this! It was interesting to see what movies you chose! I think that the movies that you have here probably could have wound up on mine as well but I was already running a little long with the post so I cut some out! 🙂 Great post!


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