My Gardner Webb Stuffed Animals

During my time at Gardner Webb, I have ended up with so many stuffed animals. Every single one of them is connected to Gardner Webb in some way. In this post, I will talk about every single one of them and what I named them. In the picture below, all my Gardner Webb stuffed animals are there. I have two pictures since one of them is hard to spot.

IMG_1707Big Pink Bunny- her name is Rosie and I got her because the staff at Student Activities bought her for me

Gray Blue Big bunny- every year Gardner Webb has an Easter egg hunt. Ahead of time, I noticed this big bunny, which will be one of the prizes, but your prize matches the number inside the egg. I found an egg last year and because I was the first to redeem my egg, I got the bunny and named him Chester.

The Twins- I like to see the two small bears as twins. They both have the same Gardner Webb sweatshirt. The difference is Tucker is the lighter colored bear and Goldie is more golden colored.

Mickey Mouse- during my time at Gardner Webb, I went to Disney World with the school, which is over ten hours away. I was there on a leadership experience and because I there for basically a week, I got to visit all four parks.

Minnie Mouse- I also got Minnie when I went to Disney World with the school.

Sven- I even got him at Disney World as well

Olaf- my mom made me Olaf when I was at school.

Bulldog- her name is Effie. She is a bulldog that was made at Build a Bear Workshop about summer 2015 or summer 2016. I don’t remember when the dog was made and it was decided that she would belong to me and my friends so we ended up passing the dog from person to person during some of the school years. This year starting in December, I was allowed to keep her for the rest of the year.


Below is my Candy and Critters batch. One of them was a bit hidden in the group picture so I decided to talk about these stuffed animals separately.


Pink Bunny- I made her at the 2015 Candy and Critters event and she was the first one I made. She is the stuffed animal I sleep with. She is a very floppy bunny and that makes her perfect for sleeping with. Her name is Beatrice Rose and I call her Beatrice for short. Every year I am only allowed to make one stuffed animal.

Pink Camouflage Bunny- Her name is Magenta and I made her at the 2016 Candy and Critters event.

Rainbow Dog- I decided to name her Rainbow due to her being a rainbow dog and she has a bit of sparkle around her eyes. I made her at the 2017 Candy and Critters event.

Brown Bear- Her name is Eponine. Coming into Candy Critters this year, I wanted to name a stuffed animal after a musical character and I never named a stuffed animal after a musical character before. I was originally looking for an Elphaba, but never found one. Than I came across the bear that would become Eponine. She had a color scheme of browns and those are colors that Eponine from Les Mis tends to wear. Plus, this bear has heart shaped patches, which connects to the love triangle and even better the patches have stitches around the outside, which reminds me of a broken heart. So because of all of this, I named her Eponine. I knew the stuffed animal had to be named after a musical character I love. Eponine is one of my favorite characters from Les Mis and one of my favorite musical characters in all of musical theatre.

Tiedye bear- This bear’s name is Tiedye. I separated the Candy and Critters group because in the group picture you barely can see Tiedye. I almost didn’t get to make Tiedye because we are only allowed to make on stuffed animal. But this year, we were told we could possibly make one more if we stayed long enough. My friends and I waited until 4:45 and that took over an hour and I decided to make Tiedye.

So this is a total of 14 stuffed animals

10 thoughts on “My Gardner Webb Stuffed Animals

  1. They’re all so cute! I’m sure that they’ll be nice to have and be able to look on in the future and remember all of the good times at college!


    • After Chester, I never expected to end up with another big bunny.

      Five Candy and Critters: cannot believe I ended up with five stuffed animals. How did I end up with fthree bears.

      My mom thinks I have too many


      • Seems like they’re all special in their own ways! I think it’s awesome that you have all of these stuffed animals from various things you did at or with your school!


      • Stuffed animals from Disney World Trip, Easter Egg Hunt, Candy and Critters, etc. Some of them were more unexpected than others


      • It sounds like you’ve done a lot of fun activities with your school! It must be nice to have those stuffed animals to associate those events with! 🙂


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