Who is Javert?

Javert is one of the most complex antagonists. One of the most complex protagonist/antagonist dynamics is Jean Valjean and Javert.

Major Spoilers:

Javert was born inside a jail. He is a policeman who strictly follows the law. He has the motto of “once a criminal always a criminal”. He does not think any person can possibly change. That is how he feels about Jean Valjean. Once Valjean breaks parole, Javert feels like he must bring Valjean back to prison. He just does not realize that Valjean is trying to become a better person.

Not only is Javert struggling with his idea of criminals, he also is struggling with mercy and forgiveness. He does not know how to show mercy to others. You first see this through Fantine. All Javert sees is that Fantine is a prostitute not a prostitute with a child. Javert should have arrested this man not Fantine, who attacked him in self-defense. So mercy is just something that Javert does not know how to show.

In “Stars”, Javert lays than his beliefs and principles. Javert makes you know that he wants to capture Valjean. In many ways, the law is his religion. Javert strictly follows it so much.


He came to the barricade to spy on the students, but Gavroche caught him. Well, Javert was surprised that Jean Valjean let him go. That changed the way that Javert believed all of his different beliefs. Even though, he was given an incredible act of mercy, for some reason, he was not able to receive it. He was in a middle of a inner turmoil- he released that Valjean has become a better person- Javert realized that his motto of “once a criminal always a criminal” is not exactly sure. Javert felt like he had no purpose so he killed himself in the end. 

Who is Elphaba?

In this series, I am now at Elphaba. Elphaba is my all-time favorite musical character. She is one of the two main protagonists in Wicked. She is this excellent and complex young woman.

Despite being born different, that does not stop her from being herself. However, complications come from that. It causes her father to hate her and he blames her for her sister’s disability and her mother’s death. So she has been treated like an outcast her whole life. She does not let that stop her. She goes to college with innocence and full of hope, but she finds out that even there she is still judged for being green. She got stuck with being roommates with Galinda (Glinda later) and they do not like each other.

Elphaba already has magical powers, but she has no idea how to control them. There have been incidents at school where her powers go out of control. The first is when they arrive: when Nessa is taken away and the second incident is when she sets a spell during class.

At a school dance, Elphaba arrives and does this silly dance type of thing. Galinda actually decides to join, and she actually creates something magical out of that. For once, Elphaba finally feels accepted. The two girls have bonded over a school dance. In the next scene, they realize that they could be potential friends. You learn how caring Elphaba is in more than one way: the moment when Doctor Dillamond sees the frightening message on the chalkboard and when Elphaba sees the scared Lion cub in the cage. You see that she really does have a big-heart- she does understand what it is like  to be different.


On a side note- a love triangle happens between Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. You notice this when Fiyero and Elphaba help free that lion cub. Elphaba and Fiyero have this playful conversation and it is this moment that Elphaba realizes her feelings for Fiyero. Based on the way that Elphaba responded to the unrequited love shows just how loyal she is to her best friend: she chooses not to steal Fiyero away or pursue him to keep friendship alive.

Elphaba takes a separate path when she realizes just how not so great the Wizard is. Throughout act I, she is such an innocent young girl. Now she has truly matured. She has always stayed true to herself, and that is very important to her. Equality is important to Elphaba as well and believes in equality for all including animals. She does not let the label of “Wicked” define her. Even though Fiyero didn’t love her in act I, she realized that he does love her her in act II. You show just how mature their love for each other is. You see their love for each throughout different scenes after “As Long As Your’e Mine”. Fiyero stops the guards from arresting Elphaba. Elphaba takes matters into her own hands and tries spell after spell after spell to save him and feels like she failed. Each time she does good, everyone calls it Wicked. When she saved Boq’s life when it accidentally started shrinking due to Nessa, she had no choice but to turn him to tin, Boq started hating Elphaba. In “No Good Deed”, she is hurt, frustrated, and angry, and she truly feels Wicked, but it doesn’t mean she is a bad person.

She does have one final moment with Glinda. The two are able to express their love for each other in “For Good”. They have impacted each other’s lives. Glinda has been Elphaba’s only friend. Glinda will always be a piece of Elphaba. Elphaba is this smart, determined, a bit impulsive, different, big-hearted, misunderstood, courageous, young woman who believes in equality and staying true to yourself. Just because people have called her  “wicked” does not make her one. I see a lot of myself in her, and that is a huge reason why she is my favorite musical character. Elphaba is also a big reason why I love Wicked so much.

Who is Fantine?

Fantine’s story is very hard to watch in Les Mis.

Major Spoilers:

She is a struggling single mother. She is mother to Cosette and Cosette’s biological father abandoned them leaving Fantine left to care for Cosette. So Fantine has an illegitimate daughter and during the time period, it is dangerous knowing you have a child in that situation. So Fantine is forced to leave her child in the hands of the Thenardiers, but little does she know the abuse Cosette will face. Fantine is very naive at times and she strongly loves her daughter and her love for her daughter drives all her actions. She eventually does find a job in Valjean’s factory, but gets fired after other workers and the foreman find out about Cosette.

So now Fantine is even more desperate than ever before. She does not have many options. She has to pay the Thenardiers or else they will kick Cosette out. She is so naive that she does not know that the Thenardiers are treating Cosette like a servant. With what little option she had, she sells her hair, her teeth, and herself to pay for Cosette. She sacrifices everything for the sake of her daughter and that is something I love about Fantine. Her circumstance led her to becoming a prostitute. Javert does not show her any mercy after she attacked a man in self-defense and just sees her as this prostitute. However, Jean Valjean comes to her rescue and seeing that she has a child and that she is deathly ill prevents her from being arrested. Even on her deathbed, Fantine still is thinking of her little girl and is still desperate about the care of Cosette. Valjean promises to Fantine that he will raise Cosette as his own, and that gives her peace and comfort for once.

Her storyline is very tragic. She has to give up everything just to care for her daughter. She just loves her daughter very much. She may be naive, but she is very loving. She is faces injustice due to having an illegitimate daughter and due to becoming a prostitute. The hope that Fantine has is that her child will end up with a better life and she finds that through Jean Valjean. He promises to raise her daughter.


2018 Pops Symphony: Broadway Musicals

June 24 was the first outdoor Pops symphony of 2018. The theme of the 24th was Broadway. I asked if one of my best friends from college wanted to come and she did. Outdoor Pops is basically an outdoor symphony while enjoying a picnic at the same time.


Shows of Yesterday- Songs except for a few:

Chicago- All That Jazz, Cell Block Tango, etc

Carousel- “Waltz”: it sounded exactly like a carousel: I know knew what the song was because before Carousel began, the composer said they will be playing the Waltz from Carousel

My Fair Lady- I Could Have Danced all Night, On the Street Where I Live,  Wouldn’t it Be Loverly, Show Me, Get me to the Church on Time, With a Little Bit of Luck

Music Man- “76 Trombones”: one of the best anthems in musical theatre

Wicked- No One Mourns the Wicked, Dancing through Life, Popular, Defying Gravity- during Wicked I got so in it

Phantom of the Opera- Overture, Think of Me, Angel of Music, Phantom of the Opera, All I Ask of You, Masquerade, Music of the Night: just from music alone, I felt the Phantom’s presence during the haunting music.

Porgy and Bess- a musical where I don’t know what any of the songs were

Sound of Music- Sound of Music, How can Love Survive, My Favorite Things, Sixteen going on Seventeen, So Long Farewell, (Sang: Do Re Mi and Edelweiss), Maria and Climb Every Mountain