“Summer Nights”

June 16th, I got to see Grease at CPCC. So in one month, I saw two musicals at the same college. I was expecting CPCC to also do an incredible job with Grease as well. About my history with Grease, I saw the movie in elementary school, and I remember that my favorite song was “We go Together” because of the silly lyrics. I was glad that I actually saw it live. When I saw Les Mis with my family at CPCC five years ago, we sat in row Q, but for Grease, we were in row S so it was crazy how I was in almost the same row.


Just like Oklahoma, Grease used a minimal set, and it worked. They moved the set pieces on and off. I loved the lighting they used, and at different times throughout the show, the different lights changed colors and I loved seeing that.

About the cast, the moment the show began, I heard the ensemble start singing and they just were incredible. Just by hearing that opening, I knew I had once again another cast that I would love. CPCC knows how to cast a wonderful cast. It was like seeing Grease for the first time. There were songs I never heard before like “Freddy my Love” and “Magic Changes”, and those were incredible. CPCC got special permission to use songs that were not originally in the stage show and I am glad that they did. It made this production unique. The different costumes were wonderful and I loved the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies costumes.

Grease is just a fun and exciting show to watch. It is different than watching the movie.

9 thoughts on ““Summer Nights”

  1. Sounds like a fun time! Seeing Grease performed live has got to be fun, right? Glad to hear that you had a good time!


      • Definitely! Grease really is just a lot of fun! It’s awesome that there’s a college nearby that does a lot of fun shows; makes it accessible!


      • A college that knows how to do well-done shows. They really know what they are doing when it comes to musicals.

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