Who is Fiyero?

Fiyero is the male romantic lead of Wicked and just like Marius part of a love triangle.

Possible Major and Minor Spoilers:

Fiyero is a character that is very hard to get to know. He goes through a very incredible arc through the course of the story. He starts out as a bit of a jerk when he arrives at Shiz. This one moment is important: he starts going out with Glinda.

In the Lion Cub Scene, Fiyero starts to soften up a bit. It almost appears that he has a crush on Elphaba, but deep down does not realize it. The Lion Cub Scene is his first big major character development scene. What is fascinating about Fiyero is that he seems to develop a lot during speaking scenes a lot more than singing scenes. All throughout act I, he has a stronger connection with Elphaba than Glinda foreshadowing act II.


Act II, at the beginning he is hearing all of these rumors about Elphaba. He knows they are not true. This is the moment when he realizes that he loves Elphaba. So he goes from a jerk to someone who cares and now he has matured. To Glinda’s surprise, he choose to break up with her.  You find more maturity in him when he confesses his love to Elphaba during “As Long as Your’e Mine”. But you see just how much he loves her when the guards are about to arrest her, but he arrives and tells the guards to let her go. That to me takes courage. So he is also courageous and due to that, he is taken to the fields to be tortured.

Fiyero is much more complex than he appears. He starts out as this cool guy waiting to have a good time who is a bit of a a jerk to this mature and courageous young man. By the end, he has accepted Elphaba for who she is.

4 thoughts on “Who is Fiyero?

  1. Fiyero’s really grown on me over the years. I didn’t use to like him very much but nowadays he’s a big part of why I love Wicked!


    • He grows a lot throughout the course of the story. Fiyero is a big piece of why I love Wicked, but not the hugest piece of why I love the show. He is a very hard character to get to know.


      • I agree; he shifts so much in a short amount of time that it’s kinda hard to crack the code on his character!


      • He seems in develop a lot in speaking scenes it seems. The curveball he throws into the love triangle is fascinating to look at. His development is so drastic and that is one of the best parts about him and he does accept Elphaba for who she is. You never expect him to fall in love with her but there are clues in act I that foreshadow that moment


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