Who is Jack Kelly?

Jack Kelly is the protagonist of Newsies. He is the leader of the Manhattan Newsies. He is protective of the Newsies especially Crutchie. Jack is a dreamer and a romantic. Jack dreams of going to Santa Fe. Jack knows how to draw and paint. Eventually Jack  goes through goes through inner conflict. Jack did not just lead the strike because in addition, he fell in love with Katherine.

The inner conflict happened after “Seize the Day”. The Newsies and people fights police and others. Jack watches all of this happening. He watches Crutchie being arrested, and going to go to the Refuge. He cares a lot more about his brothers much more than the strike. He soon did not give up on his strike in the end. Jack is a character who strongly cares about his brothers more than the cause.

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2 thoughts on “Who is Jack Kelly?

  1. While I don’t know Jack very well as a character, I have very much enjoyed his character and come to love him as I’ve gotten more and more acquainted with Newsies and his character as well!


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