Who is Christine?

I really wanted to include Christine on this series. The annoying thing is I barely know who she is, but I will try.

Major Spoilers:

Christine is about 16 years old in Phantom of the Opera. She is a ballet dancer still mourning the death of her father at the beginning of the show. She is being trained by her “angel of music”, who she thinks is being sent by her father. However, she has not idea it is really the Phantom using and manipulating her. Eventually Christine became the star of a show when Carlotta stormed out of the theatre and that is when Raoul recognized Christine. Throughout “Angel of Music”, you meet her best friend, Meg. When the two meet up for the first time, you can tell that they used to be childhood sweethearts at one point in their lifetime. Christine is eventually seduced, manipulated and kidnapped by the Phantom, who she eventually realizes is her “angel of music”.  She is somewhat fascinated by him it seems, but once she sees his deformed, she is terrified of him. Christine has gone through so much and has basically been used by the Phantom.

She confesses her worries and fears to Raoul. This is when their romance truly blossoms. Christine has found someone she can truly trust and knows that he will protect her. She always struggles with the death of her father. Towards the end, she gets kidnapped once again and has a tough decision to make: either stay with the Phantom or have Raoul killed. So here is a 16 girl dealing with the loss of her father and being manipulated and controlled by a mysterious guy: she goes through a lot through the course of the story. The Phantom always wants her to be the star of every show. She recognizes that it is in his soul where his true deformity really is. Christine is a very very hard character to get to know: I almost feel like it is easier to get to know both Raoul and Phantom.

I wish I knew why I love Christine, but I really don’t know why.


12 thoughts on “Who is Christine?

  1. Her age varies greatly depending on the source. I know you are referencing the ALW version (the movie version from the pics), but the general consensus is that she’s around 19. She came to the opera after school and has been there for several years by the time Phantom starts. The book never gave ages either. Her and the Phantom had a teacher/student relationship before her first performance. Madame Giry knew of this and the Phantom felt she was ready. One unsolved question plot hole (although its probably more of a convenient plot point). Remember, in the ALW version, Carlotta said “for the past ten years theses things have happened. And did you stop these things from happening? No!” So, we know that the real last straw for Carlotta, was when the opera was sold. The only reason Christine got the role (since Carlotta didn’t have an understudy) was because of Madame Giry. Now, if you take LND into consideration, it all makes sense, since she took Christine in as a daughter after her father died (it’s assumed that Madame Giry ran the girl’s dance school) AND she concealed the Phantom until they could go to New York. There her and Meg worked to get him money to open Phantasma and have a place to showcase Meg’s “talent”. The relationship between Madame Giry and the Phantom is one of pure usury. Christine, in the end, lost. I really enjoy ALW’s version, but I have to say the TV Miniseries with Charles Dance does a little bit better job at telling their relationship. Plus, at least in my opinion, it makes more sense for the new owner to bring Carlotta in as the star rather than having her there already.


      • All of the characters are great in their own light. I’ve been a fan since ’88. I think the problem with her comes in because of all the changes between the book, the musical, and the movie. The musical is much closer to the book in terms of age (early to mid 20s), but in the movie, they made her 16. Even Emmy said it was weird “falling in love” with the Phantom, whereas a 20-something would because of his “perceived” devotion. In some ways, as great as the ALW version is, I wish they would have stayed a little closer to the book.


      • The stage version is my favorite version of Phantom of the Opera. I have been a fan since 2013- I fell in love beginning with the music- before even knowing the plot- then in 2014 saw the stage show.

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      • It’s certainly a great show and deserved all its awards. I love the story line and plot. Seen all the movie versions, book, stage, etc.


      • It’s like Les Mis for me seeing it live (or a recorded live performance)…it really depends on the cast. I thought Ramin was great as the young phantom, but flopped as the 10 years older phantom in LND.


      • Les Mis- my last cast were epic, powerful, and passionate. They were the touring US cast. Prior I had seen the show in the West End. I came into this tour cast deciding not to compare them to who I had seen in the West End to get the most out the touring cast.

        With my last Les Mis cast, I was an emotional wreck and got goosebumps. It is hard to be disappointed by a Les Mis cast.

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      • Have to admit I wasn’t too pleased with Matt Lucas in the 25th anniversary special. Any role that Colm Wilkinson takes on his performance is perfection (20th anniversary and movie).


      • I have seen 5 different casts with Les Mis.

        The movie started my journey.

        Central Piedmont Community College- 2013

        25th Anniversary Concert

        West End- July 2015 (Valjean Understudy)

        North American Tour- November 2017 (Eponine Understudy)


  2. Christine is a character that I like a lot. I think that she and the show were a huge part of making me the musical fan that I am today!


    • At the beginning of this series, I thought there was no way I could include her. I felt like I did not really know who she was. So how could have I analyzed her. So I did the best I could on this one.


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