“Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” Review

Here’s the thing about sequels of musicals: a lot of times they don’t do too well or are even that good. But this sequel is an exception. I recently watched it with my family. It does focus on two storylines: it does show what happened when Donna first met Sophie’s three possible fathers and does focus on another storyline, which is basically a continuation of Sophie’s story.

Possible Spoilers:

This musical is still just as fun and happy as the original, but is tinged with a bit of sadness. That is only because in Sophie’s storyline, her mother has died. Sophie decided to reopen the hotel in her mother’s honor. A lot of people dislike the sequel just because Donna died in that storyline, but I think it makes a really good story. I love how the entire sequel uses some of the same songs from original and uses some new ABBA songs as well. I love seeing how Donna met all three dads. Several scenes made me laugh. It is interesting how certain scenes connected to each other. I have nothing wrong with the double storylines.

Young Donna was played wonderfully by Lily James, who played her as very fun and obnoxious. She just wanted to travel, who just had a feeling she wanted to be in Greece. While getting there, she first found Harry and then Bill. It was on the island where she first encountered Sam. Amanda Seyfried was just as incredible as Sophie as she was in the original. Even though her mom died; at least Meryl Strep got in sing in the final scene in the movie so she did get a very final part as in showing she was always watching over Sophie.

So this sequel is one that is worth watching if you loved the original. It gives you a lot of laughs. It does remind me of the original in a lot of ways, and that is part of why it works.

7 thoughts on ““Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” Review

  1. I really enjoyed the sequel! Loved the vibe, the colours and the way they approached the music in this one. Left the cinema feeling super happy and joyful. Also really liked how the sadness of Donna’s death colorued the narrative and made the happy scenes almost happier, if that makes sense? Great review! x


    • Don’t know if that makes sense or not. Still loved how the sequel still has the overall happy feeling that original has. Usually sequels in musicals fail, but this one doesn’t

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