The Importance of Kanuga

In case any of wondering, Kanuga is an Episcopalian Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC. Kanuga is not just a place. It is not just a place to visit. It is very special. But why? There is always that place where we first see God. Kanuga was that place for me. But how? From 4th-8th grade, our Parish Weekend’s music was led by Fran McKendree, and the songs we sang was part of why I started to believe in God. Kanuga is home to a number of hiking trails. The combination of the songs and the trials is why Kanuga is why I knew God was real. But why did I start going to Kanuga?

Kanuga serves many purposes. I have gone there mostly for Parish Weekends. I have been there with three churches. Most of my Parish Weekends have been with Holy Comforter, my current church. I have been with that church since 3rd grade. Parish Weekends are a place of fellowship, peace, bonding, fun, hiking, and singing. There are programs we do. I have been there for one Thanksgiving, where I made a hiking stick and two baskets. I have been there for Winterlight 35 and 36, a high school youth conference, which gives you a break from the stresses of high school, and it is at that conference where I found a love for contemporary Christian Music.

For the past two years, I have had to skip two Parish weekends; they were over Labor Day Weekend; Gardner Webb had class on Labor Day, and this Labor Day Weekend I have been able to go. It has these cottages we stay in. Kanuga will always mean something to me. It was how I knew God was real.

Below is a picture of Daisy Lake at Kanuga.

NC Hendersonville UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_81a7

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Kanuga

  1. That lake is absolutely stunning! It sounds like you have had wonderful opportunities for fellowship there! My church’s conference has a convention every year where the congregations in the conference take turns hosting the convention and people from all over the conference come together for fellowship, etc. and it’s always one of my favorite things to go to when I am able to go!


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