Favorite Musical Theatre Films

I decided to do another list post today. What are my favorite musical theatre films? These do not necessarily have to be films that are on stage. There are some musicals I have loved initially through the films before seeing the stage show. No particular order. These may not be ALL the musical films I enjoy, but gives you an idea.

1. Les Mis- this was a film I had to give two chances before knowing my true opinion on the musical. I am an emotional wreck each and every time I watch it. I have watched it so many times- still not tired of it. The characters, the songs, the plot all speak to my soul and heart- there is something in the material that makes it so endearing.  It is both heartbreaking and inspiring and that is how a tragic story should be.

2. Sound of Music- honestly, who can not love this film? Songs like Do Re Mi, My Favorite Things, and Edelweiss are just a delight. It is a film of my childhood. To love a film for that long, there is something special about that.

3. Annie (1982)- just like Sound of Music, another childhood favorite. It used to my favorite musical. It was Annie’s optimism that drew me to the film.

4. Beauty and the Beast (Original or Live)- I do love them both. I had forgotten I loved the original, but I never forgot my love for the song, “Beauty and the Beast”. It was the live adaption that reminded me of my love for the original. I love the characters of Belle, Beast, and all the Enchanted objects. There is something so magical about Beauty and the Beast.

5. Greatest Showman- this is one of the newest musical movies I fell in love with. It is such a delight to watch. While, yes, it may not be fully true, I still love its message. The songs are quite energetic and fun to listen to. Even the choreography is amazing. Hugh Jackman shines as P.T. Barnum in so many ways.

6. Final Broadway Rent Film- they actually filmed the final Broadway cast of Rent doing the stage show. That was the first time I actually saw the stage show. I love being able to watch that. I love Rent’s overall message- that is why it is meaningful.

7. Newsies Live- this also counts as a film. The stage show was filmed, and I loved it was filmed. I really love the stage show of Newsies- the inspiring story, the bond between the Newsies especially the one between Jack and Crutchie and the mind-blowing dance.

8. Man of La Mancha- after doing Don Quixote for a Spanish Project in college, I knew I just had to see this film. I had fallen in love with “The Impossible Dream”. The songs sound Hispanic- it makes you believe in the setting. It is an amazing film.

9. South Pacific- I fell in love with South Pacific all because of the film. I only saw it once. If it wasn’t for the film, I never would been a fan of this incredible musical

10. Mamma Mia- such pure joy, that is why I love Mamma Mia. You need musicals like that to balance things out. That is why I love the film. Such fun numbers and it is so light-hearted.

11. Grease- I enjoyed this film as a child. I remember that “We Go Together” was my favorite song just because of the silly lyrics.

12. Frozen- Yes, I love Frozen. Yes, I am not sick and tired of “Let it Go”. Yes, I am 24, but I do love modern Disney movies. I want to see the stage show of Frozen so badly. I just have to wait for it go on tour. I am a lot like Anna. That is what you get when you live in the United States, and you don’t live in or near NYC.

13. Singing in the Rain- just like Mamma Mia, a bunch of pure joy. I love its joyful nature. A lot of playfulness. I love this film so much. I love all the choreography I am watching.

14. My Fair Lady- Even this is an amazing film to watch. It may be long, but I really enjoy watching it when I get the chance.

15. Fiddler on the Roof- I never have exactly mentioned this on my blog, but I love Fiddler on the Roof. Love those songs and the plot. The story of Tevye is amazing. I fell in love with it all because of the movie.

16. Enchanted- I loved this Disney film. It had become my favorite Disney movie musical when I saw it. I had fallen in love with the songs, Giselle, and loved how it used both the animated world and the live world. I just really love this movie. Giselle is basically a combination of Disney princesses.

17. Oliver- this is also a film I really enjoyed. I already loved the book. I really enjoyed the different songs like “Consider Yourself”, “As Long As He Needs Me”, and “I’d Do Anything”.

So you see, I am a musical theatre fanatic who loves musicals from both the Golden Age of Musicals and from Contemporary musicals. Many musical movies came out during that Golden Age of musicals.

What are some of your favorite musical movies?

13 thoughts on “Favorite Musical Theatre Films

  1. I love all of these picks! I’ve really been loving The Greatest Showman, Hello, Dolly!, Oliver!, and Scrooge recently! Of course, I always love the live-filmed versions of some of my favorite German musicals and am always so happy that they do film them and sell them because otherwise, I would be hard-pressed to see any of them in any way! Great post!


    • I wrote this list because I saw a critic’s top 50 musical movie and looked through the entire thing.

      I did not agree with this: there was no “Sound of Music”, “South Pacific”, “Annie”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Oliver”- you know


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  3. I like many of these, especially The Sound of Music and The Greatest Showman. I also loved seeing Singing In The Rain for the first time recently and I agree, the choreography is amazing! Another one I would have to add to the list is Mary Poppins!


    • I first have been exposed to musicals since elementary school: some of my first exposure have been musical movies. Disney movie musicals have been some of them. Same with Sound of Music, Annie, and Grease.

      Movie musicals is a wonderful way to fall in love with a musical in the first place. I do live in Charlotte, a popular touring destination. But sometimes the movies are the best way to begin.


    • I relate to Anna a lot.I am that outgoing and youngest sibling and I am a sister. I do act before I think a number of times. It is hard to live in the United States, but not live in or near NYC- so it always means waiting and waiting for a tour to come out and that can mean a while, but I heard a tour is going to be launched in 2019. Thank God for living in Charlotte, a popular touring destination

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  4. Sorry for commenting on a bit of an old post, but just found this and got invested, haha x
    I agree, there’s been a lot of split opinions about the les mis film, but I love it! Something about the fragile moments of emotion in such a rough world gets me every time, and though I do love the stage versions, there is something wonderful about how the films can get so close to the actors’ facial expressions, how they can sing a lot softer to convey emotion, when they don’t have to reach every corner of the audience.
    And grease was my favourite film ever, as a child! In the beginning I had no clue what they were saying as I didn’t understand English, but I remember just loving the music. Still do to this day, and whenever a production is put on in my area I always try to see it.
    This is such a great list, filled with absolutely great films! Nothing beats a good musical theatre film on a rainy day. Take care! x

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    • Les Mis is my favorite musical movie film. It was the beginning of the love for the musical after all. They were my first cast. I don’t exactly relate to any of the Les Mis characters- but I have this incredible emotional connection to them. I feel like they all belong to Les Mis. You don’t have to relate to a musical character to emotionally connect to them. You have to emotionally connect to musical character to WANT to feel their EMOTIONS in the first place. Les Mis is very different from a number of other musicals.

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  5. My favorite favorite musical Theatre is The Greatest Showman because of one music is This is me . Oliver ! West Side Story ,The Old and New Version of The Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King I can’t wait see the version of Lion King 2019


    • Greatest Showman- the top three songs are A Million Dreams, Rewrite the Stars, and This is Me.

      Oliver- I did see the stage show (don’t remember). Soon enough saw the movie- enjoyed the movie.

      Beauty and the Beast (old and new)- The new movie reminded me of my love for Beauty and the Beast. At one point, I did forget my love for Beauty and the Beast- I remember forgot the song, “Beauty and the Beast”. So the new movie allowed the musical to reenter my life.

      Lion King- September, I saw the stage show the 2nd time- I don’t remember the first time- don’t remember the 1st time. Too young the first time. If you got to September- you will find my review- that stage show allowed Lion King to reenter my life


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