Why are Childhood Musicals so Special?

We have those musicals! They are the musicals from our childhood. There is something special about those musicals. To love a musical for that long, there is something sentimental in that. My childhood musicals start in elementary school and stop August 2006. They form the foundation of musicals. They created my vision of musicals. I loved those musicals for 12 years and more. That is a long time to love them. Some of them had to reenter my life.

Annie- this was my favorite musical from elementary school. I was an optimistic child as an child. I think that was why I loved the musical. Then at the age of 20 in 2014, I finally saw the stage show in St. Louis at the gorgeous Fox Theatre. I felt like a kid again. I do not know how long I loved Annie. To have loved it since elementary school- that is a long time. “Tomorrow” is my favorite song in Annie- it is a song of hope.


Sound of Music- Another childhood favorite of mine. Edelweiss was my favorite song and my first piano recital song. When I saw the stage show in 2015 at the age of 21, I felt like a child. Edelweiss hit, and I was in tears in the 2nd half. I think it was combination of things- the nostalgia behind Sound of Music and sad entering the picture for the first time.


Lion King and Beauty and Beast are the two childhood musicals that had to reenter my life. For some weird reason, I don’t remember seeing the stage show or the movies of them. However, the one thing I never forgot were the songs, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. So last year through the live movie of Beauty and the Beast, I was reminded of the love I had for the musical several years ago. Lion King last month reentered my life when I saw the tour. Both of childhood musicals despite barely remembering them.

Wicked does count as a childhood musical even though it entered my life past elementary school. After all I was 12, still young enough. Part of the meaning of Wicked comes from the fact that my first memory was seeing it with my mom in NYC. It was just my mom and I. All I remember was that “Popular” was my favorite song. The impact clearly shows- in elementary school I only enjoyed musicals- Wicked sparked that love.

Wicked Meg Mom NYC

These childhood musicals laid down the foundation of musicals. A world of spectacle, dance, complexity, romance, comedy, positive and negative emotions in the score, and a strong emotional connection- that is my vision of musicals. It is a bonus if I relate to a character- Elphaba, Belle, and Annie for instance are characters I relate to. So those childhood musicals are the ones that have been part of your life the longest. The childhood musicals gave me an idea of what I want and don’t want in a musical. They showed me what a musical is and what it isn’t- even though soon I was to realize musicals are not always what they seem.

Is there something special about those childhood musicals?

6 thoughts on “Why are Childhood Musicals so Special?

  1. I definitely think that there’s something special about childhood musicals! A lot of musicals that I loved when I was a kid, I still love today even if a huge part of that is because they are sentimental to me! I really loved reading this post!


  2. Yeah I have to agree on this one. I grew up watching the Disney animated musicals and that totally laid the foundation for me to sing and act today. And trust me, my favorite musical remains Aladdin, and I have already seen in 3 times in London!

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  3. Annie was my first musical as a child. I went with my mom and I was blown away… I couldn’t have been more than 10, I remember coming home with an Annie doll that night that I adored. 🥰


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