What do I love about Mystery

The most recent two days, I talked about why I love the two genres of fantasy and classics in books. Today, I will talk about my final genre I love about the most. That genre is mystery, the genre I read about the least.

In most genres, we get upset and heartbroken when our favorite characters die. We might get angry at the author for doing that. However, in the mystery world, things are different. We are excited at the deaths or when the bank gets robbed or any crime, but for most of the mystery novels I read the main crime has been murder. The reason why we are excited at a death is because it is our time to become the detective. Even though the book has a detective who is better than us, we still want to try to figure out who done it. I mostly am wrong about who done, but the fun in mystery is trying to figure it out. It is the only genre where we are excited about a character’s death- the other genres make us heartbroken at the deaths.

2 thoughts on “What do I love about Mystery

  1. I’ve not read too many mystery novels but those that I have read, I’ve really enjoyed. Mystery novels definitely bring a different sort of reading experience!


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