Tradition-“Fiddler on the Roof ” Review

This was my 2nd time at the beautiful Fox Theatre in St. Louis. I previously fell in love with Fiddler on the Roof about March or February 2014 through the movie. On February 3rd, I saw the stage show- was looking forward to seeing how Fiddler on the Roof would play out on stage. I had previously seen Annie at the Fox Theatre in 2014 in the orchestra- for Fiddler, I was in the balcony- so it was so cool getting to experience the theatre from both views. I was able to really see just how beautiful the Fox truly is from the balcony point of view.

I loved Yehezkel Lazarov as Tevye. He had an amazing stage presence. The fact that his Tevye was amazing does say something about this Fiddler on the Roof. After all, Tevye is the main character in Fiddler on the Roof. He was amazing from the opening. I really loved his “If I Were a Rich Man”- he really shined in that number. Loved him throughout the entire show.

Ruthy Froch as Tzeitel, Natalie Powers as Hodel, and Danielle Allen as Chava were all amazing as Tevye’s eldest daughters. It really started to show during “Matchmaker, Matchmaker”. Natalie Powers’ version of “Far From the Home I Love” affected me in a deeper and more emotional way than it ever did. All three all showed that they have the desire to marry the ones the love (not the tradition that currently is in place).

Jesse Weil as Motel was an actor that was hard to fully know what to think of at first. Then when he sang “Miracle of Miracles”- I fell in love with his Motel- his singing voice was incredible. Sometimes you don’t know how amazing an actor is until a certain song.

Ryne Nardeechia as Perchik was incredible as well. He was the one who always wanted to do good. He did not like how the villagers were being treated by the Russians. You clearly saw this during Tzeitel’s wedding- when he intervened. His singing voice blended perfectly with Natalie during “Now I Have Everything”.

As for the ensemble- loved them. They were incredible in all of the group numbers. As for the sets- the sets flowed smoothly from one scene to another.

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