Friendships found in Fairy Frogs

Yesterday, I talked about my favorite literary friendships. One of the largest themes found in my Fairy Frogs book is friendship. I decided to talk about the theme in my book. THERE MIGHT BE SOME SPOILERS FROM MY BOOK.

Felipe and Darcy

  • Felipe and Darcy are two Fairy Frogs, and they are best friends. Darcy is a sculpture frog and Felipe is a woodcarver frog. They are two of the older Fairy Frogs- still only teenagers- after all only 14 and 15.

Misty and Sparkle

  • I can say a lot more about this friendship than Felipe and Darcy. That is because Sparkle is in this friendship. After all, Sparkle is my main character. Sparkle and Misty have been best friends since they were five years old, and the events in the story start when they were 12. Misty is a singer frog, and Sparkle is a drawer frog. Misty is quite protective of her best friend, which is why she is not that invested in her craft. Whenever she suspects Sparkle is breaking the rules or in Graysloup, she does not tell Aries- she goes to Felipe and Darcy first in order to not get Sparkle in trouble. Sometimes, when she knows what Sparkle is up to, she would not tell Aries the truth. She just wants to protect her best friend. These two became best friends when Sparkle noticed that Misty was still struggling to discover her craft- Misty was almost six at the time, and Sparkle went to Misty to comfort her- the Fairy Frogs were not living in Fairy Creek at the time.

Sparkle and Marge

  • This is where the story kicks off: the moment Sparkle befriends Marge. The rule was from Aries: don’t interact with the toads or enter Graysloup: it was to keep the Fairy Frogs safe- especially for those who were not teenagers. Sparkle got interested in an area she found in Graysloup to draw (despite knowing it was against the rules). The 2nd time she met Marge, she learned that Marge was related to Sarge. Sparkle did learn how Sarge treated Marge. Soon enough, the two became friends- something that Marge needed- after all, Sarge had been mistreating Marge since she was eight or nine.

Effa, Celeste, and Rudy

  • When the Fairy Frogs began befriending the toads, Effa and Rudy became close friends with Celeste. After all, the girls are around the same age. Effa and Rudy are identical twins, who are ten while Celeste is eight. Celeste is a potter frog, who can make nothing but pots.

Darcy, Claude, and Felipe

  • You already know that Darcy and Felipe are best friends. When the befriending of the toads began, it was Claude that warmed up to Darcy and Felipe. Claude is 15 years old after all. Sarge does make it seem as if all of the older toads (which means teenager and older) are rude and disrespectful. Claude was rude the first time Sparkle met him, but it was not in his intention; after all, Sarge made him.

Sparkle, Misty, and Marge

  • This basically adds on to the friendship that Sparkle has with Marge. Since Misty and Sparkle are best friends, it is no surprise that Misty would eventually soon trust Marge.

Aries and Norg

  • In some ways, they do become friends. Even though Norg is 19 and Aries is in his 30s, they do basically become friends in a way. Norg is one of the most interesting characters of the book- at the beginning, he is Sarge’s spy- but there is a moment when Sarge blows up on him, and that is when Norg has had enough. Norg’s viewpoint has changed- he ends up looking for Fairy Creek to warn the Fairy Frogs. In a way, Aries and Norg kind of become friends despite the age difference.

What Happens

  • You do see the friendship develop. Some of these friendship are stronger than others. Actually all of these friendships are connected- the main goal really is for all of the Fairy Frogs to befriend all of the Toads. In Graysloup, they protect each other when Sarge gets in their way. No matter how hard Sarge tries to break up their friendship, it is in the power of their love that keeps them from breaking. During a commotion, they stand up for each other. When Sarge captures all of the toads, all the Fairy Frogs (but Aries) go on a rescue mission. Another thing that helps this friendship from breaking is the cleverness of the Fairy Frogs- a characteristic that all Fairy Frog have is cleverness, and that is why the Fairy Frogs keep on outsmarting Sarge.

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