Charlotte Shout

On May 10th, my family went to one of Blumenthal Performing Arts events. It wasn’t one of their events found in the theatre. It was an event that you get to experience in various parts of downtown Charlotte. It helped celebrate Charlotte’s 250th anniversary- Charlotte has been a city for that long. There were many things Charlotte was going to experience- illuminations for example. Giant bunnies, seesaws, prisms, etc were all part of this event.

Pirates on a Ship
Tall Tales

First Stop- we watched Tall Tales. It was a pirate story. They were climbing up these tall poles and doing cool tricks. They were basically pirates on a pirate ship. The picture below are two of the pirates on the top of those long poles. The picture above shows the entire ship

Pirates on top of a ship doing tricks

This is one of the examples of the installations I was talking about. In one section of downtown, there were these prisms. As a matter of fact, those prisms reminded me exactly of the Fairy Frogs wings- those prisms were translucent and different ones reflected a different color. They reminded me of a similar look my characters have. Below is an example of those prisms.

Glowing prisms

The seesaws came next. We all know what a seesaw is. However these seesaws are different. They were illuminated and made sounds as we bounced- I felt like a kid playing on those seesaws. Below is an example of those seesaws.

Glowing Seesaws

Something I was strongly looking forward to were the gigantic bunnies. They are very boring without their lights turned on- they don’t glow and just look like blown up balloon bunnies. Below are two of the bunnies.

Glowing gigantic bunnies
Gigantic Bunnies

Below is just another picture of a glowing gigantic bunny.

glowing gigantic bunnies

This is going to sound cool. My family saw five aerial dancers dancing on a building. Literally, they were dancing while suspended on the side of the building- that was so cool to witness. I am used to actors/actresses dancing in a musical or a ballet, but on the side of a building? I never knew anyone could dance on a side of a building. That was incredible to watch.

Dancer on the side of the building

Above is literally a close up of one of the dancers on the side of the building.

The last place my family visited before leaving is this field of wheat. This was close to where the pirates ship was. It wasn’t dark enough for the field of wheat to be illuminated yet so we saved that field for last.

Blumenthal Performing Arts is incredible- in everything they do- from musicals to symphonies to ballet to events like Charlotte Shout.

6 thoughts on “Charlotte Shout

  1. That sure looked like lots of fun, especially with the giant seesaw. Brings back memories although I’ve never played on a seesaw much in my life. The colors of the bunnies and the wheat field looked really cool. And your reflection in the prism mirror goes good with your clothes and appearance.

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