Who we See……

I am talking about the actors/actresses we see in musicals. I rely on tours- living down in Charlotte, NC is the reason behind this. Charlotte is my main place. There are four tours I saw outside of Charlotte- those were in Greenville and St. Louis. Who are those actors and actresses I can name?

Emily Bautista (Kim)

Anthony Festa (Chris)

Eymard Cabling (The Engineer)

Nia Holloway (Nala)

Jarod Dixon (Simba)

Mark Campbell (Scar)

Nick Cartell (Jean Valjean)

Josh Davis (Javert)

Melissa Mitchell (Fantine)

Jillian Butler (Cosette)

Joshua Grosso (Marius)

Talia Simone Robinson (Eponine)

Matt Shingledecker (Enjolras)

Allison Guinn and J. Anthony Crane (Thenardiers)

Kaleb Wells (Roger)

Sammy Ferber (Mark)

Skyler Valope (Mimi)

Lyndie Moe (Maureen)

Jasmine Easler (Joanne)

Aaron Harrington (Collins)

Joey Barreiro (Jack Kelly)

Andy Richardson (Cructchie)

Stephen Micheal Langton (Davey)

Kaitlyn Frank (Katherine Plumber)

Steve Blanchard (Pulitzier)

Mary Kate Morrissey (Elphaba)

Amanda Jane Copper (Glinda)

Ashley Parker Angel (Fiyero)

Ashley Brown (Mother Abbess)

Ben Davis (The Captain)

Kerstin Anderson (Maria)

Lisa Karlin (Leading Player)

Sam Lips (Pippin)

Grace Morgan (Christine)

Ben Jacoby (Raoul)

Copper Grodin (The Phantom)

For one thing, you would notice one cast is missing- my Les Mis West End cast. I only made notice of just one Les Mis cast, which was only the current US Tour- what they were from November 5th, 2017. Plus, I did not say who were the understudies- some were. You also realized some casts I did not fully say everybody- that was either because I either did not memorize them yet or know who it was, but needed the playbill in order to fill it out. I only wanted to make notice of the US casts- after all those are my main actors and actresses- I live there. There is something else you notice each actor and actress only have one principal character. That is what is ALWAYS happening. Each time I see a musical, new actors/actresses- I have never seen the same actor or actress in more than one lead role. It has never happened to me.

There is another thing you will notice. Where are the big names on this list? A lot of them are not big names. A good chunk of them are my firsts in the role- the Miss Saigon, Pippin and Newsies actors/actresses are my first in those characters.

Why does this keep on happening? Why have I never seen the same actor or actress in more than one lead role? I can tell you this- I have seen some of them move up from ensemble to lead- Anthony and Nick for example. Think about the size of the United States. A new group of tours is coming out each year. There is a lot of circulation of actors/actresses year after year after year. Why do think that keeps on happening? That has to do with the size of the United States, and the circulation of actors/actresses. Sometimes, the tour is the beginning of an actor/actress’ career after being in community, regional, and local production or right after college. It might be their road into Broadway. That is another reason why I barely see big names- the actors and actresses I see have the same talent as those big names. They have potential to become a big name. Some of my #1 favorite actors/actresses in a role are those in the tour- that does say something about the talent I see on stage. Joey Barreiro, for instance, is my favorite Jack Kelly

2 thoughts on “Who we See……

  1. It’s always kind of cool to look back on who we got to see in what role and the impact that made. I love how you mentioned that so many actors and actresses who aren’t big names when we see them have so much potential to go on and eventually become big names. I remember when I saw Les Miz in New York, we had an understudy for Marius. He was awesome but, unfortunately, not too well-known. A few months later, though, as I was scrolling through some theatre news, I recognized his name and saw that he was cast as one of the leads in Miss Saigon which was getting a revival on Broadway and I was so happy for him. It’s such a pity when people discount a performance because “they were an understudy/standby/swing” because they, too, are so talented and capable and hard-working. It’s so awesome to see their hard work pay off! Great post!


    • Every year since 2014- I have had an understudy or a standby in at least one musical.

      Mary Kate Morrissey, who was a standby for Elphaba, eventually did become the main Elphaba on tour. She deserved that.


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