Loving the Musicals I Love

For starters, it is already clear I am a musical theatre fanatic. Another thing belongs to the fact that I have to spend my time as a theater goer- not a theater doer. The question is this- what is common about all musicals I love?

Yes, I am driven more to complex musicals. That is not a common trait. Music Man and Annie for example are in my mix of musicals I love.

Yes, I want dance and spectacle in musicals. That is not a common trait. Les Mis is part of my favorite musicals.

Yes, I want positive and negative emotions in the score. That is not a common trait. I love Music Man, Singing in the Rain, and Mamma Mia. They don’t have negative emotions in the score.

So, what is common about ALL of the ones I love. You have Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Newsies, Lion King, Music Man, Pippin, Rent, and Mamma Mia. So, there are complex and simple musicals. Not all of them have negative emotions in the score, but they ALL have positive emotions in the score. They also ALL have songs I love, characters I love, and a plot I love. Yes, there is a typical kind of musical we are drawn to- but every once in a while fall in love with something totally different.

Look at me- I tend to be drawn towards complex musicals with comic and serious elements, romance, a score with positive and negative emotions, and a strong emotional connection- plus dance and spectacle. Something does have to make up for dance and spectacle if it is missing.

JOY is the key to loving any musical. You have to enjoy your experience. You only will DISLIKE feeling the negative emotions if you don’t have an emotional connection in the first place. That emotional connection does originally come from the songs- which leads into the emotional connection you have for the characters and plot. See JOY is what all the musicals I LOVE have in common. Look at the major difference between Mamma Mia and Les Mis- two musicals I love.

4 thoughts on “Loving the Musicals I Love

  1. I agree. There can be such a diversity in the musicals a person loves and even when there are certain things that a person prefers in a musical, there are exceptions! I think that, as you said, joy is the most important factor in coming to love a musical. If you find joy while watching the musical, then there is the highest possibility that you will love it! Great post!


    • There is a fine line between your emotions and the characters.

      Joy is the key. People, who don’t understand musicals, will be thinking, “how can joy be a factor in the negative emotions”.

      At the negative emotions- yes, you are feeling negative emotions and are hurt. So, where is the joy? Some of the negative emotions don’t even have joy in them. It comes from LOVING what you are feeling and having that WANT and DESIRE to go on the characters’ journeys.

      Joy is the toughest to describe- at the negative emotion since it isn’t exactly an emotion people would think you would enjoy feeling. That is why emotional connection is important.


  2. “JOY is the key to loving any musical. You have to enjoy your experience.”
    I agree. I also have to add that if a writer, any writer, can connect to that part of you, they are going to have more success in sharing their message. If I leave sad, with no emotional connection to any character or feeling of joy, then I want to forget the message that was being shared.


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