My favorite couples and pairings

I have talked a number of times on my blog about romance in musicals. I thought to do something a bit differently. What if I brought up a few couples in musicals and my favorite pairing I have seen? That shall be interesting.

Major Spoilers:

Nala and Simba: Nia Holloway and Jared Dixon

  • Love her Nala and his Simba. Wonderful pairing.

Katherine and Jack Kelly: Kaitlyn Frank and Joey Barreiro

  • While I only remember Joey Barreiro’s portrayal, I said they are my favorite pairing. I just can’t help but think about Joey. That is why I said these two are my favorite pairing- all because of Joey.
Joey Barreiro as Jack Kelly in the stage show of Newsies

Jasmine and Aladdin: Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud

  • Yes, my favorite pairing is from the live action Aladdin movie. That could soon change: if I see Aladdin in person in September.

Belle and Beast: Emma Watson and Dan Stevens

  • So, I have two favorite Disney pairings from live action Disney movies.
Dan Stevens as Beast and Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast live action

Kim and Chris: Emily Bautista and Anthony Festa

  • Well, they are the only Kim and Chris I saw.
Anthony Festa as Chris and Emily Bautista as Kim in The Last Night of the World

Christine and Raoul: Grace Morgan and Ben Jacoby

  • I may not remember anything about their Christine and Raoul. However, they currently are my favorite Christine and Raoul. I still remember my reaction during Phantom of the Opera: spellbound and choked up. That does say something. I remember getting attached to Christine in May of 2014.

Cosette and Marius: Jillian Butler and Joshua Grosso

  • I don’t really need to explain the two of them (I have said I believe, a lot about Joshua’s Marius). The reason why I remember Jillian’s Cosette so well is because of Joshua’s Marius. They are such an adorable couple- which I can’t explain.

Elphaba and Fiyero: Mary Kate Morrissey and Ashley Parker Angel

  • Of four casts, they are the only Elphaba and Fiyero I remember. It is crazy how just saying that Elphaba and Fiyero are a couple is a spoiler in itself.
Ashley Parker Angel as Fiyero leading up to "As Long as Your'e Mine"

8 thoughts on “My favorite couples and pairings

  1. Those were good pairings! Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud definitely were really suited well for each other. For me, I think Lea Salonga and Will Chase were amazing as Kim and Chris. Though I’ve never seen Miss Saigon live, just watching them through videos is already enough to know that their chemistry was amazing. Always get chills when I hear the emotion in their performance. Above all though, Anastasia’s Christy Altomare and Derek Klena is the perfect pairing for me. The way their chemistry is so natural blows me away.


    • I only have heard Christy and Derek through the Original Broadway Soundtrack on only five songs- so voices alone are not enough for a pairing. April 2020 is my chance to see Anastasia in person.

      With Emily as Kim and Anthony as Chris- I literally was crying during “Sun and Moon”. Their pairing was difficult- as in did not want it to end tragically even though I knew it was to be. That was how amazing their chemistry was.

      I could continue with the others- but that could take a while.


      • Ahhh, Sun and Moon! Always a tear- jerker. It’s so sweet yet painful to watch especially if you know how their relationship ends. And yes, the whole character arc of both Kim and Chris is heartbreaking and I’m sure that seeing Anthony and Emily perform it was incredible. Can’t wait for the day I can see Saigon live and you’ll have such a great time seeing Anastasia!!


      • Sund and Moon was actually the first moment in Miss Saigon I was in tears. I had a feeling I would cry during Miss Saigon- all because I was an emotional wreck watching Les Mis. After all, both musicals were written by the same people.

        I still don’t quite know if I will watch Anastasia. It is not open yet for the public to purchase tickets. Season tickets get the advantage to purchase first. Anastasia is also the musical I want to see with Club Blume- the young adult club I joined last year- it is connected to Blumenthal- where do you think it got its name from?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha actually not sure, I had to search it up!! So it was named in honour of the people of North Carolina and I.D. Blumenthal? (Who I just found out is the capital campaign’s largest donor). Maybe you could explain it to me a little more 😅 Everyday you learn something new, I guess!!

        Also, Club Blume seems awesome, getting to see all those shows + meeting new people! I would’ve loved to join only if I was a tiny bit older + don’t live in the States 😦


  2. Oof, I’ve not really thought of this too much! I really liked Julia Udine and Jeremy Hays as Christine and Raoul when I saw the show on Broadway so they’re definitely a favorite. I also loved Mark Seibert and Milica Jovanovic as Emanuel and Eleanore Schikaneder in Schikaneder; their chemistry was phenomenal! Great post!


    • It is defiantly something we don’t think about much. I tend to think more about my favorite couples: not so much favorite pairings.


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