Things I love about the States I been to (as in what I did)

Since I recently went to two new states, I thought I would bring up the states I been to, and bring up what I loved about them. Some states will be left out if I don’t remember a clue about them.


  • Nature- how can you not love Alaska’s nature. I saw glaciers, whales, otters, waterfalls, mountains and various types of nature during my trip to Alaska.

Colorado (Denver/Keystone)

  • I was only in elementary school when I went to Colorado. Just like Alaska, their nature is wonderful. During this trip, there was rafting and of course, we were around mountains. We were in Colorado.


  • You might be wondering, why did I put two states together. My latest trip with cousins included these two. I will explain why these two are placed together.
  • Lake Tahoe- Lake Tahoe is a gigantic lake that is mostly in California, and at the same time takes up Nevada. During my most recent trip with cousins, I went back and forth between California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe is extremely clear and there are several colors in that lake. Surrounding the lake, you can see mountains, and in my visit, there was still snow on top of some of them. Lake Tahoe has hiking trials to walk on as well. Lake Tahoe is one of the biggest lakes in the world- you will realize how big it is when you actually visit.

Florida (Jacksonville to Orlando)

  • Disney World- Of course, many know that Disney World exists in Florida. It is a magical place. I have been there three times- the latest being in 2016 on Spring Break. That is one of the best parts about Florida.
  • St. Augustine-it is hard to describe why I love St. Augustine. I have been there a number of times. It is always fun to go there.
  • Beaches- I am not a beach person, but a mountain person. However, I enjoy walking on the beach and hearing the sound of the waves. I did mention that I collect snowglobes and playbills, but one more thing I collect is seaglass. It is not seaglass I buy from the store I collect- it is the seaglass I find on the beach.


  • Chicago- what I love about the city of Chicago is the Art Insitiute and the Bean. I been there in 2015. I remember loving both of those places. It is also has a large American Girl Store.

New York (NYC)

  • Broadway- Whenever I think of NYC, I think of Broadway. I had my first experience on Broadway in 2006- I was 12 at the time. My mom and I were in NYC alone. The two of us saw Wicked. Wicked is still the only musical I saw on Broadway.
  • Times Square
  • Central Park
  • Statue of Liberty
  • There is more I love about NYC- Natural History Museum, American Girl- those are other things I did during that trip. What is crazy about the places I went to my NYC- a good number of them are the same places the girls in my Greatest Discovery book are going to.

North Carolina (where to start)

  • The Nature- It has both mountains and beaches. I mostly went to the mountains: Crowder’s, Sugar, Grandfather are three of the mountains I went to. A lot of my time hiking was in North Carolina.
  • Kanuga- it is an Episcopalian Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC. I have been there for Parish Weekends, Winterlight (High School Youth Conference), and Thanksgiving. It is one of my happy places. I can’t put into words how much it means to me. It is another place I have gone on hikes.
  • Theatre- I live in Charlotte, home to Blumenthal Performing Arts. I am glad I live there because I get tours year after year after year. Each season, there is always a musical I want to see through Blumenthal Performing Arts. Blumenthal Performing Arts consists of more than one theatre- the main one being Belk Theater. So far, the only two theaters I have seen a musical in belongs to Belk Theater and Ovens Auditorium. Below are some of the shows I have seen through Blumenthal.
  • Etc- To end North Carolina, I will post a few more pictures from North Carolina. I have lived in North Carolina since I was 3. I have been in Charlotte since I was 8. There is Great Wolfe Lodge- with this incredible Water Park and this wonderful interactive game called MagiQuest- it allows you to literally think and sometimes you have to run in the lodge because sometimes you might have thirty seconds or so to get to the next location: you have clues to get to various place. It is super interactive. I live in North Carolina- that is why I said, where to start.

Missouri (St. Louis)

  • Fox Theater- St. Louis is another major touring city. The Fox Theater is a gorgeous theater. It is not just gorgeous by the acoustics, but by the architecture as well. Below, are pictures from the times I saw Annie and Fiddler on the Roof. I included the architecture of the theater as well.
  • Powell Hall- right near the Fox, there is a beautiful place for symphonies. It is called Powell Hall. I went to a Christmas Symphony there. St. Louis has two beautiful performing arts spaces.
  • The Gateway Arch- One of things St. Louis is known for is its Arch. I love that, and is one of the first things you see.
  • Forest Park- The MUNY (an outdoor theater), the zoo, and museums are all found in Forest Park. Believe it or not- it is bigger than Central Park in NYC.
  • City Museum- this is a very fun museum in St. Louis. It basically has outdoor and indoor playgrounds- different than a regular playground. It gives you a lot of things to do. It is a wonderful museum for children. I have memories of playing in the playgrounds- those were a lot of fun. They are unique in many ways.
  • City Garden- it is interactive like City Museum, but it is basically has only statues. You are allowed to interact with everything. You are allowed to climb on anything that is in there.
  • St. Louis Cardinals- another thing St. Louis is famous for is their baseball team. When I was younger, I went to their baseball games, and each time, they won. The St. Louis Cardinals is another thing I like about St. Louis.

South Carolina

  • Peace Center- it is Greenville’s touring theater. It, like Fox Theater, is a gorgeous performing space. I saw two musicals there. The first, Phantom of the Opera, was a date with mom. The second, Les Mis, I saw with Gardner Webb University. I am glad I was able to see two musicals in that venue.
  • Greenville- there are other things I love about Greenville, but I can’t describe. The pictures below are from Greenville.
  • Charleston- the only other place I been to in SC is Charleston. I first went as a 5th grade trip. I don’t know if I have been to Charleston since.


  • Atlanta- This was the city where I was born. I love the Atlanta Aquarium. I love the Atlanta Braves as well- their baseball team. That is because I was born in Atlanta.


  • Even though I have been to this state a number of times, it is hard to say what I like about this state. I can think of one thing, which is the Virginia Creeper Trail, which I don’t remember doing, but it is a highlight of the state.

The Other States:

  • Alabama- I can’t think of a single thing I loved about this state
  • Tennessee- I did go to Nashville either on the way back or the way to St. Louis. I don’t even remember exactly what I liked about the state.
  • Kentucky- the same rule applies to Kentucky that did to Tennessee. I don’t remember what I liked about Kentucky either.
  • New Jersey- I don’t know what I like this state, but I know I went there
  • Maryland- I don’t know what I like Maryland- even though I have been there
  • West Virginia- Only have been to small cities, I can’t think of a single thing I like about this state

5 thoughts on “Things I love about the States I been to (as in what I did)

  1. You’ve been to so many cool places around the states! I definitely want to travel around the country more. I’ve mostly been around the West Coast but I’ve gone a little into the midwest as well! I really would love to go to the East Coast, though… there’s so much to see there!


    • The main midcoast I have been to is Missouri- because of St. Louis. So, the East Coast is where I mostly where I have traveled.


  2. You look like you just traveled like, 1/4 of the country, and half of the eastern U.S. with all these places you’ve been to in your lifetime. It seems like you’ve even been out of the country once. God really has blessed you good, I tell ya. Would be nice if I had the money to go to places like these. Of course, not that I myself haven’t been to states in the past. While I was on a trip to Florida to visit my great-grandmother around Christmas time of 2010, we passed through 2 states I have been never been to before in my life, which were Georgia and Alabama. We never really made any big stops except to places where there were loads of pamphlets. And I remember getting loads of them at each one of those stops. And I totally loved collecting them. IDK why I liked collecting them things so much during that time but I mean, I just have a trait in my personality where I like collecting stuff. And I don’t even remember what pamphlets I even got but I just liked collecting them, that is all. And when I arrived at Florida, even then, I don’t think we went to much places even when we were there (cause my great-grandmother was really old after all) but I do remember going in a Walmart. But I don’t remember if we even ate out at places in the state. But I still did have a really extraordinary time there cause 1, It was my very first time being out of the Carolinas, and 2, it was the first time I’ve ever met my great-grandmother. And it was also the only time I have ever got to meet her. So yeah, that was my out-of-state experience. And there are many places I would really like to go if I was able to (or when I will be able to when I get loads of money one day.), including places outside the country. There are many countries I would love to visit, including the country of origin where my other side of the family’s from, which is Ecuador. This world can be beautiful nowadays, especially the nature and exotic places it has to offer…


    • Actually, I have been out of the country more than once: 1st at age 7 in France, 2nd, at age 20 in Costa Rica, and 3rd, at age 21 in England.

      I still want to visit more countries and states.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Anyways, like I was saying, based on the vlogs and stuff I’ve seen about countries, there are countries I would recommend checking out and visiting. Some are like I mentioned to you the other day, Ecuador and Spain. There are also other really amazing countries I’d also recommend. Another example is Japan. The culture there is really weird, but unique and outstanding. Gotta love the cherry blossoms they have there. They’re also known for the anime, video games (especially Nintendo. My favorite video game company), rich cuisine, I could go on and on. But yeah. Them other East Asian countries such as China and South Korea are cool as well. My favorite cuisine would be China’s since it’s the most accessible for me and ate it the most all my life when it comes to Asian cuisine, and plus they do have a lot of interesting and delicious dishes. Those are the reasons I can remember right now.

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