All the States I Been to

Now that I been to Lake Tahoe, how many states have I been to. I will write an updated list.

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. California
  4. Colorado
  5. Florida
  6. Georgia
  7. Illinois
  8. Kentucky
  9. Maryland
  10. Missouri
  11. Nevada
  12. New Jersey
  13. New York
  14. North Carolina
  15. South Carolina
  16. Tennessee
  17. Virginia
  18. West Virginia

I have been to almost half of the states in the United States. The cities/towns I have been to range from Charlotte (my hometown), Hendersonville, Blowing Rock (etc of NC cities) Nashville, Greenville, St. Louis, Ponte Vedra (which is near Jacksonville), Lake Tahoe, NYC, Keystone, Anchorage, Denali (etc of Alaska cities), and Chicago. I have traveled to a number of places in my country.

2 thoughts on “All the States I Been to

  1. Wow! That’s almost half! I’ve only been to a few of the states myself so I’m quite impressed! That would be super cool if you got to visit all of them in the future!

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