The Bog- What is It

In my last post, I did talk about The Tale of The Cattail Forest, and I did mention “The Bog”. However, I did not even mention what on earth “The Bog” was. I only mentioned the importance of “The Bog” to Sarge. I decided to explain more about The Bog today.

“The Bog” is part of Graysloup and only Sarge knows about it. That is why his father couldn’t get to him or hurt him . It was his only place of comfort growing up. His father was abusive to the point where he ended up with some permanent scars (that is how bad it got).”The Bog” is found in a deeper part of Graysloup. The creeks, ditches, mud, and trenches are much deeper and it is more humid and muggy in “The Bog”. Sarge believes no else can find this location- not even the Fairy Frogs, who are clever. For Sarge, he found “The Bog” a playground of sorts- he would slide down mud as slides and make mud pies as a child. Those times were the main times he was truly happy- when he was at “The Bog”

Sarge does not even realize the harm he is causing to Graylsoup especially towards his own cousin (Marge is his own cousin- he shouldn’t be treated her the way he is) . I do not think he really notices how lonely he really is. So a 13-year-old unloved, abused, neglected left to lead the toads. That must have been scary. In my book, he is only 17 years old. He did not only have physical scars to deal with but emotional scars as well. The nightmares he is having are actually memories of his past- those are not making things better; they are making things worse

Here’s what I can way: Sarge may be the antagonist of my book, but he is not a villain.

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