Christmas Movies I hope to Watch Every Holiday Season

We have our traditions. We have the things we hope to accomplish during the Holiday Season. For me, there are three movies in particular I hope to see- one of which has been watched for several years. What are those movies exactly?

White Christmas

  • While this is a musical movie, I would not watch it all year long. That is because it is holiday movie. It is kinda of hard to describe why I hope to watch this movie every Holiday Season.


  • This is one of the very few movies that my entire family watches during the Holiday movies. It is such a delight to watch. This might just be my favorite holiday movie if A Christmas Carol did not exist. It also is one of those movies that teaches you what Christmas Spirit is.

A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott)

  • Yes, I am a millennial, but of all Holiday movies, this is my favorite. It has been tradition to watch this for a very long time. There is something about A Christmas Carol that strongly drives you in. It truly shows you what Christmas Spirit is. It has an incredible cast of characters (yes, there are a lot). I love Scrooge, Tiny Tim, among others. You truly can feel connected to Scrooge- especially because you see his backstory come to life due to the Ghost of Christmas Past. I love seeing all of the Spirits come to life except the Ghost of Christmas Future (which creeps me out).

Are there any holiday movies you hope to see every Christmas Season?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Movies I hope to Watch Every Holiday Season

  1. I always watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (Boris Karloff version). It has such an old-school charm to it. Nothing says Christmas more than the opening notes of “You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch” and that big Grinchy grin. Give me that, and some shortbread cookies and I’m set for the holidays.

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  2. For me, the musical movie of Scrooge is my absolute go-to–that one just has the ability to make me cry happy tears. I’m hoping to watch it this weekend, actually! For the most part, all movie adaptations of A Christmas Carol, though, are movies that I really enjoy! Elf is a good one, too. It’s been a while since I watched it so maybe I’ll have to add it to my list!


    • I saw Scrooge live in 2014 at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte- I was an usher for it.

      The only A Christmas Carol movie I watch is the George C. Scott due to being raised on it.

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