Meaning of A Christmas Carol

A couple days ago, I finally got to see the George C. Scott movie of A Christmas Carol. Of all Christmas Movies, that is the main one I hope to see. It is a tradition to actually see it. There is a lot of meaning in the story- what is it exactly?

For one thing- A Christmas Carol does have some nostalgia in it. That is due to the fact that I have loved the story since I was (I believe) either in middle or elementary school. So, it is quite important to my life.

It is also my favorite Charles Dickens’ story- it may be one of his shortest, but my favorite. It truly shows you the spirit of Christmas. The story has a lot of characters to fall in love with: from Scrooge to Tiny Tim; etc……It takes you on this incredible journey- Scrooge can seem can like a protagonist you can strongly dislike, but in reality, he is not. Yes, there are some characters you are around for only a short period of time, but they are important- to explain why Scrooge became the why he is. I love how Christmas Carol shows why people become who they are all the way to showing that you can change. Each of the spirits represent their particular time frame: of the past, present, and the future.

It is hard to explain why I love A Christmas Carol so much. That is what can make a good story- you somehow just know: do you know what I mean?

4 thoughts on “Meaning of A Christmas Carol

  1. I completely know what you mean! A Christmas Carol is just such a great story all around; I think for me it’s mostly Scrooge’s journey that makes me love it so much. I love how he went from hating people and them hating him to him loving people and them loving him too! He shows such enormous growth and it never ceases to affect me emotionally! I just watched Scrooge with my dad a few hours ago so this post came at the perfect time! 🤗


  2. This story is pretty much one of my favorite stories, and has important life lessons not only for Christmas but for all the time. That what makes A Christmas Carol in a way, timeless and good for outside Christmas time as well.

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