Marge and Sarge’s Relationship

From first looks, I know there are some people who have no idea who Marge and Sarge are. On the other hand, I know there are some followers and readers of mine who know exactly who I am talking about. These two are characters from “Tale of the Cattail Forest”- a book I have been writing. Both of them are major characters- I decided to talk more about their relationship here- there is something interesting about the two of them. I would like to say initially that Sarge is my antagonist, and Marge is actually really is the reason why my book kicks off (Sparkle is my main character, but Marge still is the reason why the plot kicks off). Let me explain the relationship between Marge and Sarge.

On first glance, Marge and Sarge are cousins- Sarge being the older and and Marge being the younger. Sarge is 17 while Marge is 12. Their two fathers are brothers, and Sarge’s father is the oldest of the two. Their two fathers were raised by two loving parents, but something somehow went wrong. Marge’s father was loving- you would think that because Sarge’s father was raised by loving parents that he would also be a loving father- but in reality not true. Marge did feel like an outsider when Sarge began to mistreat her when she was 8. She was the one who knew what was really going on in Graysloup. At times she was misunderstood- some others thought she was literally just like Sarge (she just got the better father). All she wanted was for someone to show her compassion and wanted a friend and wanted to make Graysloup a better place. She constantly was standing up to her cousin- literally, she may have been younger, but yet was able to stand up to her cousin. Deep down, I think she did have some love for her cousin, but it is difficult if you constantly are mistreated.

Sarge’s father turned out to be neglectful, unloving, and abusive- that does not seem to be right. After Sarge’s mother left him at 4, Sarge’s father started abusing him. The abuse Sarge had started out with words alone and later it got physical (physical to the point where he got permeant scars). The abuse lasted until he was 13- that was when Sarge’s father decided to leave him. He only had one place of comfort, which was in The Bog- that was the only place his father never knew existed. Sarge could not even rely on his loving uncle- all his uncle wanted to do was to protect Marge (if he found a way, then he would have). All of this abuse he faced led him to be the bully he became in my book. He still had some emotional scars. He was blind to compassion and love. He did not know to control his anger- he showed it by putting his pain on others (his easiest target ended up being on Marge). I do not even think he knew how lonely he really was or how much pain he was causing on everyone. It was not just the toads he was mistreating, it also belonged to the Fairy Frogs. All of this abuse not only led him to become a bully, but made him have nightmares about his past—those nightmares make things worse. Sarge is not a villain- he just had a tough beginning in life—-do not know why his father became the way he was.

2 thoughts on “Marge and Sarge’s Relationship

  1. This is a really interesting character dynamic that I’m really interested in learning more about! It sounds complex–especially from Sarge’s end–and it’s a really awesome part of your story!


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