Fairy Frogs and Christmas

I decided to do an interesting post for today. Yes, it may be Christmas–but I decided to focus on my Fairy Frogs. What would Christmas be like for my Fairy Frogs? It is already a known fact that they are naturally gifted in the arts. One of the things they do throughout the years are these celebrations- which helps showcase their talents and it usually is when they show some of their best works. So what would Christmas be like in Fairy Creek?

For starters, they would defiantly be doing a lot of work. They would be getting in the spirit early- the singers, dancers, and performers would have to rehearse for a big celebration (which would start at least in November- maybe in October). With the songs, people like Misty would spend time writing a new song to perform. They still would not forget about the old songs as well- they still would perform. They actually sing the songs every day at the Gazebo—-not just on Christmas. As for the dancers/performers, they are the ones who somehow create a performance out of the singers songs.

So——-all of the different arts are involved. Darcy and Felipe usually work together when it comes to their art work- even though one is a woodcarver and one is a sculptuer. It is still a nice match- Felipe usually gives Darcy some things he has woodcarved. Felipe/Darcy are so similar, but at the same time very different. So, when it comes to Christmas, they want the sculptures to be Christmas-themed. Darcy knows what they are looking for- after creating the sculpture, he actually ends up painting them (whether that is a Santa or Reindeer or Ornament or Christmas Tree or Christmas Wreath).

Well, everyone who knows Sparkle knows she is deeply invested in drawing. At only 12 years old, she has an amazing talent, and many Fairy Frogs are usually expecting something from her especially from the celebrations in particular to Christmas (among other Holiday). For Sparkle, she does not have to draw something she sees for her Christmas drawing. It has to be more magical- there have been a few instances where her Christmas drawings were in Fairy Creek (following the end of my book for instance). Sparkle might easily draw her version of the North Pole or an Outdoor Skating Rink.

So—-it takes them a lot of work to put Christmas together. The art seems to take them the longest. While they still are working on their Christmas projects, they still need to focus on other projects as well. There is usually blue, red, green, white, and yellow found in the Christmas project- all colors connected to Christmas.

The day of is full of spirit- it really already was. The first thing they do is go straight to the main treehouse, with their main project (if that is they had to do). The celebrations continue all day long- there are multiple performances. There are individual singers, group of singers, groups of singers, and the performers. It is such a delight to hear a new song (that is why at the Christmas Celebration, you do have individual singers).

It is Aries who plans the Christmas celebration-after all, he is the Fairy Frogs leader. The Fairy Frogs have decorated their treehouses along with the Gazebo. Another thing they do is paint more pebbles. That list can easily go on- I am saying that due to their talents in the arts.

1 thought on “Fairy Frogs and Christmas

  1. Aww, this is a cute post idea! It’s fun to think what characters would be like during Christmas and it was cool to get a different sort of look at the Fairy Frogs through this lens!


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