Christmas of 2019

Like I already mentioned, Christmas is my favorite holiday. Below is a picture of some of the gifts I did get. I did ask for the entire Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, but was not the expecting both the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy- I did get both of them in one set. In terms of Aladdin, I got the live action movie, Aladdin calendar, and the Original Broadway Soundtrack. Well- two books- one on musicals and the other dealing with writing.

I did get a few other things. The theatre theme started when I first opened my stocking. When I first saw an envelope, I knew exactly what was in there- when I see an envelope: that usually means theatre tickets. So, Come from Away and Frozen are happening next year.

4 thoughts on “Christmas of 2019

  1. You surely must’ve gotten some pretty great gifts this year, especially them tickets. I got a whole load of stuff. I’ll DM you the pic of what I got.


    • Of the two, looking forward to Frozen the most- been dying to see it since I heard it was going be a stage musical; also the one of the 2020 musicals I wanted to see the most

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