Parallels in Musicals- Examples

What exactly do I mean when I say parallels in musicals? Parallels exist when you see this sort of similarity between more than one musical- as in character or song. It can explain why we love some characters and the musical itself. What are some of examples?

  • Newsies/Friends of the ABC- well, both groups have a brotherly love for each other that feel like family and have a cause they strongly believe in
  • Jack Kelly and Enjolras- these two are the leaders of the Newsies and Friends of the ABC. They are good leaders, but the main difference comes from what they care about the most.
  • Enjolras and Fiyero- out of all parallels, I do not quite understand this. I honestly love both characters. But it never made since why I parallel them to each other. The only thing I know that they share in common is that they are courageous young men.
  • Elphaba and Eponine- Well, two girls with not good family lives; unrequited love happens to both (will something change for one of them?); taken advantage of. In terms of personality- complex, strong, and brave. I think my love of Elphaba is where my beautiful bond to Eponine came from- Elphaba is my favorite musical theatre character just to let you know
  • Elphaba and Elsa- well, two young adults who have powers they don’t know how to control and are literally labeled to be “monsters”. They are similar in that way.
  • Glinda and Anna- these two are actually funny and outgoing.
  • Sisterhood/Friendship of Frozen and Wicked- The friendship in Wicked is almost identical to the sisterhood found in Frozen. That most be where a lot of my love for Frozen comes from- Wicked itself. The true love in both musicals is not romance, but sisterhood and friendship
  • Let it Go/ Defying Gravity- these two songs are literally about the same thing and they do sound very similar to each other

7 thoughts on “Parallels in Musicals- Examples

  1. In my opinion, I think parallels can also exist outside of musicals. In general, it applies to pretty much anything similar with one another. It can be with with TV Shows, music, fictional characters, or even real life people in general, for example, us. I feel we can relate in a couple of ways.

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