What makes a character Brave?

As I recently said, a strong character is brave. What exactly makes a character brave (I think that is obvious)?

Standing up for What they Believe in:

This was the most obvious for brave character. They truly are fighters. They have something they truly believe in. The cause they believe in makes them never give up. It can be well a strike or a uprising or someone or something they love (their country or family).


They are willing to risk their lives for the sake of another. They take great sacrifices no matter what happens. Even if their sacrifice means death- it still made them brave. They are willing to sacrifice their happiness for the happiness of someone else. Some of these characters really do have tragic lives, but do literally give ultimate sacrifices in the end. It is amazing the sacrifices I have seen in some of those characters.

2 thoughts on “What makes a character Brave?

  1. These definitely are key elements in brave characters! Brave characters are always some of my favorites; they’re usually action-forward characters which makes them rather crucial to the plot most of the time!


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