Some of my favorite Spectacle/Dance in Musicals

One of the strongest reasons why I love musicals belongs to spectacle and dance. I do not know why I never mentioned this on my blog- I never once mentioned what some of my favorite spectacle scenes or dance scenes were. I decided to list some of those below.

  1. Seize the Day
  2. Circle of Life
  3. Friend like Me
  4. Be our Guest
  5. Dancing Through Life
  6. Whole New World
  7. Magic to Do
  8. NYC
  9. Etc…I can add more

There are people who feel like spectacle and dance are in a musical “just be there”, but that isn’t true. They have a reason- it helps in believability, emotion, and the pure joy and spirit of musical theatre.

What are some of your favorite spectacle and dance numbers?

4 thoughts on “Some of my favorite Spectacle/Dance in Musicals

  1. Seize the day is definitely one of them!! So much strength, physicality and jumping around! I also really like Revolting Children from Matilda, it always amazes me how all those children can dance so well together!!


  2. These are all really good ones! I think my favorite moment of spectacle in a musical is probably in Something Rotten!’s “A Musical”–it’s a really impressive scene and 100% a showstopper!


  3. Seize The Day is also definitely my number one as well but I also recently saw Cats and I loved all the dancing in that show. I’m also a big fan of Turn It Off from Book of Mormon.


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