Live Theater Power

It has been known that “nothing beats the power of live theater”. A lot of people do say that wouldn’t it just be easier to just sit down and watch the musical on screen. While a movie musical obviously is less expensive and can be seen more often- a lot of emotion and power and excitement gets lost. Here is how much- A LOT- literally so much that you just want to get back to the theater to see that musical.

So why do I say and many musical theatre fans say “nothing beats the power of live theatre.

1) no show is seen more than once for the same musical- yes even if you end with the same cast

2) the emotion is more amplified due to NOT being on screen but on stage (this is due to a two-way conversation between the audience and the actors- the actors base part of their performance off of the audience, and also due to the atmosphere of the theatre itself: every theatre is different). Due to emotion being amplified, excitement levels get pushed up- which is most notably seen right when you hear the first notes of the orchestra- that level of excitement you feel at the beginning of the musical is built up as the musical continues no matter what emotion you are seeing.

3) Another emotion thing- there is a higher chance you will end up literally getting hit like a pile of bricks; so what I am basically saying is that the negative emotions have a bigger impact in live theater. The negative emotions are there to provide conflict, complexity, and believablity, and they are the reason why there even is a story to begin with.

So, while the movie musical is still the musical itself, all you are seeing is the characters on screen. While more realistic, the actors had no audience to rely on, emotion is less amplified so some of the emotions get kind of lost- some emotions only wound up being felt in live theater, and you are watching the same thing over and over again. Why do I say you never see the same thing twice- well, every day, the actors will be different with their characters: they could be interacting with a different actor if their is an understudy or swing on or there could have been a malfunction on stage and it does truly truly truly depend on which audience was there.

1 thought on “Live Theater Power

  1. Live theatre definitely is something else. You just can’t capture the power of live theatre in a movie and I think that’s truly an amazing thing! Great post!


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