Young Characters- Some of my Favorites

I have made lists of my favorite young characters before, but this time it will not include the children. It is amazing the kind of variety you can find in the young characters- where they live, their lives, and their personalities, etc…..

  1. Elphaba
  2. Glinda
  3. Fiyero
  4. Enjolras
  5. Friends of the ABC
  6. Eponine
  7. Marius
  8. Cosette
  9. Jack Kelly
  10. Crutchie
  11. Newsies
  12. Raoul
  13. Christine
  14. Roger
  15. Mimi
  16. Belle
  17. Beast
  18. Simba
  19. Nala
  20. Aladdin
  21. Jasmine
  22. Elsa
  23. Anna

It is amazing how so many characters happen to be young characters. Most of the characters I love in musical theatre fall under that world- young. It is amazing how they all vary.

2 thoughts on “Young Characters- Some of my Favorites

  1. A lot of these are favorites of mine as well! It is definitely interesting to see the wide range of characters that are covered under this umbrella!


    • I am always impressed by just how many young characters they are- that does not include the children-

      I almost feel as if they take up most of the characters in musical theatre


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